Ignite Energy Scam, Is It Really A Scam?

By: Kim Tarr

Are you kidding me? Obviously Ignite Energy isn't a scam. In this article, I'll discuss precisely why people are claiming it to be. This is from a 3rd party point of view, I'm in no way associated with the company, however I was previously a customer with the company.

The main reasons why people may think that this business opportunity is really a scam is the fact that most people don't earn there initially investment back after they join the business. To get started in Ignite, it takes a $299 investment. Addititionally there is an ongoing $25 bill every month. What typically happens is: A person watches a presentation about the income opportunity, gets excited, pays the $299 and is officially an energy broker. He shares the company plan with friends and family, but not most of them get involved in the business enterprise. This new sales person gets extremely disappointed, quits the company, and claims that it's a scam.

The example above is a very common scenerio for all home businesses, not just Ignite. What folks indirect sales don't realize is always that direct sales has nothing to do with selling. What it has to do with is building rapport with people. It isn't about bugging your Aunt Sally to join, when she has no need to even have a home business.

The secret is to find people that happen to be thinking about an internet business. Why spend never ending hours prospecting people who don't want to be their very own boss? Would you agree that this can be a waste of time? What you need to do if find those people that want financial freedom and walk away income, as opposed to the ones that only want to be an employee throughout their life.

The problem is that people are often trained in direct selling to talk with their warm market, which only is practical as these would be the people that know, like, and trust us. When folks know, like, and trust us, they're more likely to do business with you. The main problem is that after people exhaust their warm market, they don't have any more individuals to reveal their business to.

Wouldn't make sense that our target audience be other entrepreneurs? In the event you target people that currently have an online business, you'll never get the objection of: Is this a gimmick or even a pyramid? Now, I know that you're thinking what I first thought initially. Why would I target somebody that is already in a home business? Statistically 97% of men and women in home companies are not making any funds. Most do not have a mentor or coach, which in order to succeed is one thing that you have to have. If you can become that coach to them and they like you, they will join your team.

If you want to create a huge organization than you should leave your comfort zone and become that leader you'll want to be. Anyone can build a huge team, however it is your responsibility get educated and skilled on marketing and leadership and do things that have you feeling uncomfortable. I had been scared to death about doing live webinars, I do them of the time now and it is so nice to receive compliments on them and have individuals tell me just how much We have helped them! Isn't this what mlm is all about, helping others get what they need from life?

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