If you are looking for a healthy fabric for your little ones organic cotton is the best choice

By: Axel Price

The demand for organic cotton is increasing exponentially as people are becoming more and more conscious about their social and ecological responsibilities. Many textile companies are adopting GOTS standards for producing and manufacturing organic cotton apparel and textiles as the market for organic fibre is steadily increasing. There is a high demand for this especially in the manufacturing of baby and toddler clothes and linen. Organic baby clothes are highly in demand as parents are overly health-conscious when it comes to their little ones.

A lot of people are going for ‘organic’ clothing as it seems like a trend and a ‘thing to do’. Following the trend blindly could be a bad idea as you could land up purchasing ‘organic’ clothing which is more expensive than their normal counterparts and not getting the advantages of the basic concept of organic clothing. It is a smart thing to know what this trend is all about and then to decide whether you want to be a part of it or not.

The main advantage of organic cotton over its non-organic counterpart is that the fibre is cultivated without the use of harmful insecticides and pesticides. So the fabric that is used in making organic baby clothes is completely free from these harmful chemicals. Organic farming is encouraged as it is beneficial for the environment as well since the use of these harmful chemicals is avoided completely. The methods used in organic farming give rise to bio-diversity and rich soil which is good for the farmers as well and hence it serves a social purpose as well.

A lot of farmers and their families suffer major health issues due to being in contact with insecticides and pesticides. If natural methods are used in place of these harmful chemicals, the benefits are seen on those who cultivate and work with the crop as well as on those who are the end consumers and users. Keeping these ecological and social factors in mind, people are opting for organic cotton clothes and household products.

Organic baby clothes are free from any trace of harmful chemicals as even the dyes used in the colouring of the fibre is non-toxic and safe. AZO dyes which are known to release carcinogenic compounds are banned in the manufacture of organic clothes. Even chlorine based bleaches, which cause allergies often, are banned.

Being completely free from harsh chemicals, organic baby clothes are very safe for the tender skin of babies. A lot of non-organic fabric contains allergens and irritants which could affect the babies’ skin. Organic cotton is used for making bed sheets, towels, covers, blankets, etc. for babies and children and these organic household products are very popular due to their healthy and non-toxic attributes. Most harmful chemicals used in the printing processes are also avoided. Extremely strict guidelines are to be followed by manufacturers to get the GOTS certification. So when you are buying organic cotton products make sure you check to see if the brand is GOTS certified or not.

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Organic cotton is produced in many countries all over the world with India, turkey and Syria leading the pack as per data from 2009. As environmentalism is a fast-growing trend, parents are choosing organic baby clothes for their little ones.

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