If Youíre Going To Pop A Pimple, Do It This Way

By: aloevella

Dermatologists and moms everywhere always say to never pop a pimple ó it can cause infections, scarring and, if done incorrectly, even more pimples. But letís be honest, sometimes when you see a big zit smack in the middle of your face, all you want to do is pick and squeeze the life out of it. Resist the urge! Instead of telling you to leave your adult acne alone altogether, letís talk about the right way for getting rid of acne fast. This method allows you the satisfying experience of popping your pimple without causing so much redness, damage or irritation to the rest of your skin.

First things first, if you have a special event the same day that you are considering popping your blemish, just forget it and leave your adult acne alone. Popping a pimple, even the right way, requires a little time for the skin to heal; itís harder to immediately cover up broken skin and redness, and make it look good. If you have an event, just apply a thin layer of your acne skin care products or treatments, apply a light gel moisturizer to create a good base for your makeup, and then carefully blend some concealer and translucent powder around the blemish to disguise it.

If you donít have any big events on the horizon, make sure the blemish you want to break is actually ready for this occurrence. If you can feel that the pimple is still deep under the surface, itís not ready, and picking at it will only make the bacteria push deeper into the skin and cause inflammation. If, however, the top of the blemish is a big, white spot ó or a whitehead ó itís probably ready to go. Use your best judgment.

When preparing to pop your pimple, first use a gentle acne skin care cleanser to clean your face, and wash your hands with antibacterial soap. You donít want any outside bacteria to make its way into your pores as you work. Heat up a towel in warm water, and lay the towel over the spot for 15 or 20 minutes to help loosen the pores.

Then, get a facial tissue and tear it in half. Wrap each half around each of your index fingers to create a barrier between your hands and your face. Then, using the pads of your fingers (not the nails), use a very gentle pressure to press down near the edge of the pimple. Do not press toward the center of the blemish, as this can cause it to move further into the skin. Once the pus has been removed, use your anti-acne facial skin care products or acne treatments to apply a thin layer of antibiotic so your skin can heal. From this point on, donít pick at the spot or it can get infected.

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