If You Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer

By: Chris Robertson

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need an experienced attorney to represent you because domestic violence is a serious crime with serious consequently. Traditionally, domestic violence referred to violence committed by one spouse against the other. In many states the legal definition of the term now extends to children, parents, siblings, same-sex partners, and other members of the same household.

The behavior that is characteristic of domestic violence may happen all the time, frequently, or once in a while. Domestic violence often, but not always, involves ongoing intimidation by one family member to control another. The intimidations usually follow a pattern of implied threats, which may be enough to warrant arrest and prosecution. The intimate relationships between the people involved are what distinguish domestic abuse from other forms of abuse.

Domestic violence includes behaviors such as name-calling and verbal abuse, withholding money, actual or threatened physical harm (assault, hitting, pushing, shoving, battery, and homicide), stalking, intimidation, sexual assault, and stopping a partner from getting or keeping a job or contacting family or friends. Criminal violence includes physical assault, sexual abuse, and stalking. While emotional abuse and financial abuse is not considered criminal behavior, they are abusive and can lead to criminal violence. In most cases the abusers are men and the victims are women, but the reserve can also be true. Abusers are typically people with low self-esteem who blame other people for their problems, but there is no profile of a typical abuser. Abusers act loving in public and abusively behind closed doors.

The charge of domestic violence is serious, and should not be taken lightly. The legal penalties and personal ramifications of conviction for domestic violence can be devastating. An experienced and competent domestic violence attorney can help you avoid conviction. If you did commit domestic violence a domestic violence lawyer can advise you on what to do to reduce the chances of conviction and minimize the consequences for you and your family. For example, it may be possible to get the charges dropped or reduced if you agree to participate in a treatment program. Acting in self-defense may result in reduced charges. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence an attorney can build a strong defense to help prove your innocence.

Depending on the circumstances and the laws of the particular state, domestic violence may be prosecuted under criminal law, civil law, or both. That's why it is important for abusers to get advice from a lawyer who knows the laws of the state in which the abuse took place. For example, if you are charged in Florida, you should get help from a Florida domestic violence attorney.

Whether the charge is true or not, the accusation of domestic violence is often an indicator of family problems. In addition to seeking help from a qualified domestic violence lawyer, family members may want to consider getting counseling or treatment to help with emotional or psychological problems. In fact, even if the abusive behavior has not resulted in charges, it may be time to get help if there's abuse happening at home.

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