If You Desire To Accomplish Your Goal. Forget It!

By: Gillian Pearce

Why is it that despite the best intentions we frequently don't achieve the goals we establish for ourselves? Could it be we are overly ambitious when we establish them? Or that we aren't sufficiently ambitious and as a result lose interest. Maybe our goals are not sufficiently clear so it isn't very obvious what we're aiming at. Maybe they're not goals we actually wish for anyway, but are things we think we "should" wish for based on what our boss or our family or culture demands of us. If any of these motives apply to the goals we set then it is going to be an mounting struggle to achieve them.

But let us suppose that the goals we have planned are ones we are keen on and ones we really choose. Why, then is it that, as a rule we still can't reach them?

Well, there's an inherent difficulty with goal setting and this is it. Goals, are necessarily set for the future. So every time you focus on them you are thinking about something you don't yet have or something you haven't yet achieved. And that can have the effect of lowering your mood and decreasing your motivation. You are coming from a position of having your happiness be something in the future. You end up feeling so distant from where you want to be that it lowers your self-esteem and can end up being worse than having no goals at all.

So what you need to do is work back from your end goal and break it down into smaller pieces, and then break it up again until you have objectives that can be done in twenty four hours. Think of it like a map and then put it to one side.

Choose daily goals that are trackable so that you can make a note of your successes on a graph or in a diary. As an example, if you wanted to drop ten pounds by a specific time. Your daily goals might be to go for a walk, eat 4 items of fruit, investigate low fat recipes and read something that inspires you. You might make up a chart to put on your wall so you are able to check off your daily aims as you reach them.

If you realize you are not getting close enough to your end goal by the deadline, change/increase your daily objectives. You have full creative control.

This focus on what you are achieving each day builds momentum and self-esteem because you will retire knowing that you've done what you set out to do. You don't have to wait until you achieve your end goal and have lost twelve pounds. You will already be a success, your self esteem will increase and, if you keep at it, your end goal is assured.

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