Ideas To Decorate Christmas with Crystal Balls

By: chaman goyal

The Christmas tree Christmas is a tradition and conventional, quick and fast but is not an Italian tradition. What is ours? The crib! Fewer people realize a crib at home. Some buy it already beautiful and done, others do not at all, very few artisans and scholars of this tradition. The crib is Christmas; Represent the nativity crib and all that is related to the representation of the birth of Jesus.

Of course, you have to make a nativity scene as a practice is very slow. There are even people who start the first 8 months! Many seem crazy to build a crib, but is a hobby represent a very important addition to the traditional value that Italian men cannot do without. But how to do those with limited space and little time? The solution is, so to speak, at your fingertips and you\'ll need a few hours to make something nice and content. Content?, Yes, of course, in a glass bottle! Let\'s get and let\'s create our own crib in miniature. The crib can be achieved in a fishbowl (sphere or ball) closed or open.


What you need:

1. Sphere of plexiglass (available at any DIY store and you do)
2. Christmas background with towel;
3. Characters of the Nativity (Mary, Baby Jesus, Joseph and, if the ball is big enough, even the ox and the donkey and the Three Wise Men)
4. glue
5. colored ribbon
6. piece of green florist\'s foam
7. Christmas landscape with a towel
8. Pasta with snow
9. acrylic paint white or cream
10. a piece of wood
11. raffia
12. glitter gold

Here\'s how to carry out your Christmas ball inside the crib.

1. First of all clean the ball well when we should be a little \'dust or debris of any kind.

2. With the white paint Acrylic paint the bottom of your ball and then let dry and do not rush. Finally, the disc also painted on both sides.

3. Take the green florist\'s foam and one-half of the sphere slit. Derived from it and sagomatela quarter with a sharp knife to make it accurate. Do it again to make two quarter-hemispheres.

4. Place on a hemisphere of plexi glass Christmas napkin ritagliatene and the landscape. The landscape will be pasted on the diskette that you have previously colored with white paint. The operation will be done twice because the landscape is also applied on the other side of the diskette.

5. Now glue the sponge inside the ball into the green part that you have previously colored white. And do the same with the other hemisphere and green piece of sponge. It now covers the sponge with the pasta snow.

6. Cut small pieces of stick a little \'shorter than the hemisphere. You will need to the cave.

7. Then enter the characters within your sphere and fit it into the sponge will be green so firm. Created a hut with sticks and glue them to each other regularly. Even the cover with a little hut \'pasta snow.

8. Carry out the same operations on the other hemisphere of Plexiglas and enter the Magi.

9. Between the two scenes insert the floppy disk that will divide the ball into two. Now the ball will be very difficult to open.

10. Finish with the closing of Gold Glitter.

11. The ball has two holes at the top, there you will spend tape to hang the ball to your Christmas tree.

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