Ideas On What You Might Do For Your Grandmothers Birthday


OK...I've got the idea, but I hope you're the creative type! What a fun idea! I am guessing that your Grandma enjoys Elvis...I hope so, anyhow!

OK, for an invitation, I'd make a simple round shape out of black construction paper. (And then fashion it to look like a record album). I'd glue that onto either a plain invitation or make your own invitations & glue the "record" onto the front. Inside, I'd make a "story" type of invitation using Elvis song names. I will list many for you to consider/try working into the invite. Your RSVP line could be: "Make Me Know It"(and then have R.S.V.P. in parenthesis).

Here goes my best, quick & lame attempt to show you what the heck I'm talking about. I'd either underline or put in quotes the song titles. The most fun part about this is to NOT tell anyone other than the essential party planners that there will be an Elvis impersonator at the party...Keep them guessing!

Since (grandma's name) is "Always on My Mind", and "I Believe" she loves the "Night Life", you are invited to join our surprise celebration of her 80th Birthday. "Are You Lonesome Tonight"...If so, come and catch the "Fever", and get "All Shook Up". Share in making new "Memories"! "C'mon everybody", "Don't Be Cruel", "Help Me" throw a "Fairytale" of a party for(Grandma's name)! "I'm Counting on you" ("Do you know who I am") to bring my party planning to a "Happy Ending". "A Little Less Conversation" & a little more R.S.V.P.-ing "Make Me Know It"...

And then follow with party info, date, time & place!

If you are in a private or secluded area of the restaurant, you could do a slide show to some music. Photos are really easy to scan these days and burn to a disc. Use someones' laptop and rent a screen and Proximal projector (AV equipment rentals are very reasonable for one night. Maybe, $75 for both). Bring a CD player and download a few songs (and burn to a CD)that would match your grandmother's personality. Most slide shows should not be longer than 6 mintues length. Ask you relatives to volunteer a few photos so several different decades of her life and extended family is covered.

If the slide show is not your cup of tea, you could do a "roast" of your grandmother. Pick your funniest relatives and have them do a short essay they can each read to roast your grandmother. Probably 3 to 5 "roasters" would be enough.

Toast by generations... Have 3 or four generations of people give a toast to your grandmother 's birthday and what it has meant to them to have her in there life.

Create a memory book (scrap book) that can be given to your grandmother during dinner. Contact your family members and have them submit pictures and short stories of their most memorable times with your grandmother. The same can be done with everyone writing a thank you note for the things she has done or ways she has influenced them in their lives. Combine all the notes in one keep sake book for your grandmother to take home from the dinner.

Ask the restaurant if they have an easel you can barrow for the evening. Get a poster size piece of particle board and cover with black felt or flannel. Take a picture of your grandmother and have it blown up 8X10 or 11X14. Glue the picture to poster board. Cut the picture in to puzzle pieces (like 5 or 6 pieces). Put some Velcro on the back of each puzzle piece. Again, ask 5 or 6 people to make a toast or say something nice about your grandmother and what she has meant to them. After they are through, have them put the puzzle piece on the easel. When the last person makes their toast and puts their puzzle piece on the easel, there is a complete picture of your grandmother on the board. Another idea might be to do the same, but a picture of all the grandchildren.

Finally, you could by a scrap book and a Polaroid camera. Also purchase the little stickers that hold the corners of the photo on to the pages of the scrap book. Assign one of your high school age attendees to take a Polaroid picture of everyone that is attending the dinner. Have the guest put their picture in the scrap book and write a note to your grandmother next to their photo. Be sure to buy a scrap book large enough to hold all of the guests. Same goes for film and photo corner stickers. Also, black scrapbooks with silver or gold pens for writing look very nice when complete.

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