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By: william benn

Take any logo of any industry there will be two aspects that can be observed by having a close look at the logo design. These two aspects are the icon and the image used in the logo design.
Every logo is designed with a tag line or a business identification line. This line is used to define the business to people. And if it looks interesting to those people they can turn to future customers of that company.
And the second thing that is necessary is the icon of the logo design. That icon can either be used with the tag line or even without it at some places. These two things are considered most essential for a complete logo design.
I will explain about them in detail below:
Business Identification Line:
The business Identification line is any line that is below the logo icon or beside it. Sometimes it is enclosed in the logo design itself. The main purpose of this identification line is to make the logo comprehensible to the people so that they can perceive the company in a better way and understand the main purpose or work of the company.
This can best be understood with the help of an example, take the logo of NOKIA we all know what NOKIA does and what it’s worth is. But suppose a person who doesn’t know NOKIA will check the tag line and will have a better idea what the business of the company is.
A tag line or a Business identification line consisting of 4 sentences is normally called a corporate line.
Icon of the logo:
An icon on the other hand is just like the business identification line of a company but far more important than a tag line, because it can be posted anywhere in the world without typography of company name and the tag line. But still be understandable by normal public.
The recognition level of an icon depends on the worth of a company. It’s normally calculated from surveys and other resources.
For example APPLE logo can be recognized anywhere. And the letter M on top mast that can be seen from meters away is purely a symbol depicting the worth of McDonalds.
So as stated above, these are two important musts that should be used in a logo design to make it more compatible without the tag and typo as well as more conceiving to the public with them. Same is the case with clothing logo designs which can be understood without the tag line because they are normally posted on apparels in the shape of brands and education logo designs which can use a tag line to make the people understand whether they are publishers, a school or a writing company.

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