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Ibiza: What Many Do Not Know
When people hear about Ibiza, the first things that come to mind are the great beaches, ancient trading, rain and nightlong parties. But not many people actually know about the rich history of this great hedonistic town in the Spanish Balearic Islands. The name of Ibiza originated from “Eivissa” which the Phoenician’s used to call the place. Like Menorca, Ibiza is one of Spain’s most popular tourist attractions that draw thousands to millions of people every year.Sitting at the left of the beautiful Mallorca Island, Ibiza has a great view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is endowed with nature’s beauty in all directions. Even before the modern Ibiza Rentals that tourists now flock, the Phoenicians have long been docking in the harbors of the town to trade.
Phoenicians have traded wine, lead and marble in these same islands. For many years, the island has been known for different names. Early traders called the place as ‘Ibossim’ which Romans later called as ‘Ebusus’. During the reign of the Romans, the island was a leading source of die, salt, fish sauce and wool. Since then it has become a popular city known for its rich history and great beaches.
Today, Ibiza is teeming with tourists and vacationists who want to experience a unique Spanish holiday. The island is popular for its beautiful beach spots. Tourists who visit the island should make itinerary well ahead of time as there are too many things that can be done while in Ibiza. You definitely do not want to miss any of these attractions. Along with your itinerary, be sure to choose the right Ibiza Rentals which you will need for your holiday.
When packing your things, you need not bring your heavy, thick winter clothes, especially during the summers. The island is well known for its Mediterranean weather that spans throughout the year. Probably, you will want to bring with you a light sweater for use at night or when you plan to go hiking in the mountain areas. But as in any other tourist spots, you want to bring your best clothes if you want to blend with the exquisite fashion culture that exists in this part of Spain.Not only is the island known for high entertainment, beaches and history, Ibiza is also home for high fashion.
Being a popular destination, Ibiza is aplenty with Rentals from room accommodation to transportation. You can definitely find one that suits your preferences and budget. And since the town is bustling with commerce, hotels offer very competitive rates. You can go for 2-star all the way up to the 5-star hotels that are located along the beachside. During peak season, such as in summertime, the hotels often get fully booked. So be sure to book your hotel room way ahead of time. You can contact hotels through their website online.
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