IVF Clinics - How Not To Get Exploited?

By: James K. Johnson

Have you heard countless stories where people get exploited by these fake doctors and fake IVF clinics? Are you wanted to go for an IVF treatment and are unsure how to go about it because of the stories you heard about IVF clinics? Well, when one knows all about how to distinguish between a good and honest clinic from a hoax one. So, no need to fret about the authenticity of the treatment offered as you are educated enough to check with the clinics reputation beforehand.

IVF is a procedure that is resorted to when a couple is unable to conceive in spite of trying for more than year duration. Medical science has rendered it possible for childless couples to feel the pleasure of becoming parents now. In this process, the egg is removed from the ovaries and united with the sperm in the lab hence it is called ‘in vitro’. The fusion is then put inside the ovary to develop into a child.

Recently there has been a huge craze for IVF because of the success rate of these procedures and also due to the increase in infertility rate amongst the younger generation. There are various reasons behind the inability to conceive including tension, stress, genetic disorder, old age, or any other body ailment. But, this does not mean that world has come to an end as IVF is an option still left to give you world’s all happiness.

IVF is practiced around the world and has not only been successful but has succeeded in giving a smile to every mothers face. But with the increase in the success of IVF treatment, increased the fake IVF clinics. Here are a few tips that will help you to recognize a fake when you see it.

These fake clinics thrive on the insecurities of women trying to have a baby desperately and take advantages of this delicate situation by taking more and more money from the patient. Not only is the patient in a complete loss of money but sometimes these clinics result in damaging the uterus and the patient might never ever be able to conceive. The doctors practicing in these so called clinics are not even qualified.

There are laws to regulate these clinics worldwide. In most countries these laws are enacted upon and one has seen a positive effect of that around. Hence the patient should first check if the clinic is regulated and certified and is following all the conditions applicable by the law. The patient should also follow the testimony of people who have prior experience with the clinic. This might add to the faith in the clinic.

The patients should also be aware of the costs incurred in the process of IVF. In some countries it is mandatory that the clinic show the patient the exact amount of cost for the treatment. The clinic should also not be too new. It should be well known and existing longer than about two years. This will help increase the patient’s confidence in the clinic. Your likelihood of a successful IVF treatment cycle depends to a great degree on which IVF clinic you opt. There are large differences in the skill and expertise available at different IVF clinics, and it's important you do an analysis and then select which would be best for you.

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