IVAís Can Provide a Light at the End of the Financial Tunnel

By: Reiner Jaden

Understanding the whole purpose of IVAs is important in order to be able to make an informed decision if thatís the route you want to go. Individual voluntary agreements start right off with the name of leaving one with dignity.

Finances out of control can be most stressful for the person in debt. Most often, they feel they have failed by not be able to meet their financial obligations. Sometimes an individual can lose their job or hours are reduced. This is not through anything they did wrong but because of the economy perhaps. This is when the financial nightmare begins but where a debt advisor and IVAís can quickly get things in control again.

So understanding IVAís is important. The debt advisor first assesses whether you are a potential candidate for IVAís. They do this by reviewing your financial status. If they determine that yes, you could handle an IVA they will advise you of this. Once you decide to go that route, it will be the Insolvency Practitionerís responsibility to negotiate a contract with your creditors.

They will only start negotiations when they have a very clear picture of exactly what you owe and your source of income is. Through their analysis, they will determine how much you can afford to pay monthly. IVAís normally are in effect from three to five years

Based on this the advisor will also determine how much you are able to pay back to your creditors within that time span. This is the starting point for negotiations. This will now take place between the debt advisor and the creditor. The debt advisor must be qualified to comprise and supervise IVAís, as they are a binding and legal contract. Get help with your IVA today by visiting www.justdebts.co.uk, and get the advice you need to get you out of Debt and secure your financial future today!

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