I'm Addicted to the Internet: The Addiction Discussion

By: Daegan Smith

When you feel a certain need or strong desire to replicate a particular behavior notwithstanding its end results and upshots, the condition can be attributed or classified as addiction.

In reality, there are many factors that precipitate an addiction. These factors are the ones responsible in instilling in the minds of the people the conduciveness they get whenever they use a certain behavior or concept.

However, the very core of addiction is that it should cause harm to the concerned person. This is because if the behavior does not cause any harm, then, the behavior can only be considered compulsive but cannot be classified as addiction.

With the advent of the Internet, a new kind of addiction had been created by people who continuously advocate the viability of the Internet. This is known as Internet addiction.

Historically speaking, Internet addiction was first depicted by Ivan Goldberg, a medical doctor from Columbia University. Goldberg had initially differentiated Internet addiction from other forms of addiction by asserting that this kind of addiction is a “maladaptive” outline of Internet usage, which, in turn, leads to clinically major harm or misery.

Just like the other people who are addicted into something, Internet addicts are notably preoccupied to the "triggering" factor that stimulates them to do repeatedly the compulsive behavior. They always find a way and a reason to justify their need to use the computer and go online.

Moreover, Internet addicts contend that their resistance is so weak that they are unable to gain control on their Internet usage. When the time comes that somebody will do the curbing for them, these Internet addicts would suddenly feel irritated if somebody is trying to stop them from using the Internet.

As the manifestations worsen, they begin to lie about things and hide from their friends and family the truth behind their Internet usage. Their behavior exacerbate as they put their lives, significant relationship, education, and job in danger.

Best of all, these people are using too much of the Internet. They go beyond the normal utilization of the Internet. With Internet addicts, it is as if they can stand the whole day sitting, browsing, and chatting all day long.

The reason behind all these nuisances is based on the fact that the Internet is such a pragmatic and feasible tool. What they see is a new medium that gives them more than what they have asked for. Its graphics are so innovatively nice and fascinating, with every whoosh and flash of light and colors in front of their eyes are pure excitement and awe.

The problem now lies on the fact that these people are no longer capable of doing their everyday duties and responsibilities. They have lost their contact from the outside world and shun their life out from the reality. They relied so much on the virtual phenomenon that they are addicted from.

Another problem with this behavioral addiction is based on the fact that this kind of malady is simply not a matter of having an alternative. This is because Internet addicts are left with no choices at all and they simply cannot come to a decision with regards to their addiction.

So, for those who are not yet aware if they are addicted to the Internet or not, here is a list of some signs that would tell you if you are an Internet addict.

1. You are an Internet addict if, after so many trials, you simply cannot stop using the behavior.

Internet addicts may contend that they have tried everything just to curb their "deep fascination" with the Internet.

What happens next is that they simply cannot get things going.

2. You are an Internet addict if you have the tendency to forget your responsibilities at school, in the office, or even at your home.

You start to wander off and neglect to do your respective responsibilities on the three most important places in your life.

3. You are an Internet addict if you disregard danger and risk just so you can continue to enjoy using the Internet.

4. You are an Internet addict if you always find it reasonable enough to let you stay in the Internet for hours.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that Internet addiction is not just any trend or fad that will normally fade or will be gone in time.

There is something that needs to be done now and curb the growing compulsion to go back and try the behavior again. What you need is a strong support that would entice you to go on, has fun in life, but do not be constrained on the wonders of the Internet.

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