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By: Bruce Tucker

You have finally done it. You put the finishing touches on your website. It is built with the latest technology that makes it an Internet masterpiece. You are so confident that what your site has to offer and how it offers it is so great that once a couple of people see it they will tell everyone and your website’s popularity will take off.

Then reality sets in and no one is coming to see it because, for one you didn’t tell anyone, or you were hoping that it would show up in search results and then it would take off. You don’t have the money to advertise so now you find yourself a little down because you thought it would be easy.

Well it is easy, sort of. Easy in the sense of what it takes to get visitors, but it still is work, you just need to put the effort forward. The best part is you can still get those web hits for free; you just have to give people a reason to go to your website.

Here is how you do it. The first thing you are going to become is a writer. Yes that’s right a writer. Your website is about something and invariably that makes you an expert at what your website is about. You need to translate your expertise and knowledge to the written word in the form of an article. Your article should be able to educate the reader so they can learn something from your knowledge. For example, let’s say your website sells high def. television sets, you can give tips on how to hang flat screens or what is the best viewing distance, that sort of thing.

Now that you have your article written you need to be able to tell the people who wrote the article and how they can find you. You do this in the resource box. A resource box is a snippet of information about you located at the end of your article. For example a resource box would say, “Written By: John Jones, an electronic expert at {insert your website address here}. You can learn more about flat screen tvs by visiting Mr. Jones’ website.”

You will obviously tailor your resource box to match your own needs and web site content.

Ok so you have this great article with a resource box that has a link that points back to your website now what do you do with it. This is the easy part. Submit your article to article directories such as Bukisa (my personal favorite), Article Dashboard or Ezine Articles. They get thousands of visitors to their websites of people who are looking for information just like what you have written. They are looking for it to learn something or better yet to come and use your article on their own website.

Now you might be wondering why you would write an article just so others can use it on their own sites. Every time someone uses your article they are also using your resource box. Remember your resource box has a link to your website. So what they are doing by using your article is providing a link back to your website for their readers and web site visitors.

I have written over 400 articles myself on a wide range of topics for myself and other website owners. I have had articles where only 10 to 20 people read and use, and have had some that over 1500 have read and used. Your results will vary based on the information that you are providing so do not be discouraged because only a few people have read your article. Remember it doesn’t cost you a dime to do this.

Now that you have this process down to an exact science, start over and repeat daily. If you write and submit one article to these article directories on a daily basis in 30 days your website will receive all kinds of hits. Just keep at it and your efforts will pay off.

Everyone who owns a website invariably wants it to be successful. Contrary to popular belief you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns that may or may not work. Follow this tip and you will be well on your way to more hits.

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About the Author:
Mr. Tucker is a regular contributor on Bukisa, an online community where anyone can earn residual income by sharing their knowledge. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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