I Have the Network Marketing Secret – Would You Like to Know It?

By: Dwayne Huggins

Ok, in this article I am going to explain to you what the best known Network Marketing Secret is.

I want to let you in on how I came by the network marketing secret before I tell you what the secret is.

There are many mlm, network marketing, rags to riches stories, horror stories, stories which may of even made you cry. Im sure you have stories of your own to share, one day I would love to hear them, but for now I going to let you in on a bit of my story. Firstly though, and I’m sure you will agree with me, network marketing works! There are to many successful marketers out there which proves this point. This means they are doing something which is getting them their successes, and I’m going to tell you what it is.

The world of network marketing weas introduced to me by a good friend of mine. He invoked my desires for more. More money, more free time, more independence, more of a quality lifestyle. I was doing ok in my ‘rat race job’ but there was always to much month at the end of my money. I wanted a way out, new beginnings, a brighter future. I signed staright away to the opportunity he presented to me. I was sure that once I was 'in' the money would start flowing into my account. My friend is my direct upline and he had only been in the business a month or so before me. Even though he knew the potential of the opportunity, I think he was a little bit like me and wasn’t prepared for the massive pitfalls ahead.

I was off, going to meetings, chatting to everyone within 3feet, wearing ‘lovely’ badges, all to gain untargeted leads. I was proud of my business cards with my new replicated company website on. I had boxes of replicated leaflets which I painstakingly stuck my contact detail labels on individually and posted though many, many letter boxes. I was a network marketer set for big things.

Months had passed of pure 'hard work'. Yes, I had some customers, a few distributors, but this was by know means a good representation of the amount of hours and 'hard work' I had applied. Let me be clear, ‘hard work’ doesn’t scare me, I would just like to see the results to match my ‘hard work’ and I definitely wasn’t seeing that.

I was drained, but I still believed in network marketing. So I reevaluated my plan. I went in search of the network marketing secret.

Google was my first stop. Talk about information overload, which is what you get when you search online for answers. There was a common trend forming via other peoples experiences. 100’s of ebooks and reports later I found the brilliance which is Magnetic Sponsoring and the concept of Attraction Marketing.

Was this the secret? NO.

I found MLM Lead System Pro, an amazing system for any network marketing company/MLM business.

Was this the secret? NO.

I found other amazing network marketing opportunities, where these the secret? NO.

Now armed with new knowledge, new marketing methods, new opportunities. An automated system which could capture all the leads I attracted and automatically build a relationship with them. Surely this was the secret. NO.

I realised that these were merely tools and words. None of it worked unless I made it work. I have to put my time into it daily. Apply the teachings, be patient, driven, determined. Make the sacrifices, stay up late, wake up early. Use my time productively. Keep developing my knowledge so I can apply new methods. Do the training’s, listen to how successful people who are now living their dream’s made it. Stay away from the unproductive clutter of the internet and out dated ways of marketing. I have to work smarter, not harder and I do it all with passion. This is the Network Marketing Secret. This is what you hear from all the people who have made it. They stuck at it developed, persevered and are now reaping the rewards.

In summary, the network marketing secret is to constantly self develop yourself, apply the lessons and skills you have learned and use your time doing only the most productive methods which bring you the most productive results.

Now you have the secret, apply it to your business and watch the transformation.

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Dwayne Huggins

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Dwayne Huggins knows the importance of providing valuable information. He knows the Network Marketing Secret he just shared with you will help you strengthen your business.

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