Hyundai: Taking Over the Streets

By: Jana Kingman

It seems as if they're on every corner. Lurking in parking lots. Passing the school bus in the slow lane on the freeway. And pulling in to the coveted parking space up front at the mall. Hyundais are all over the place! And it's not just because they look good wherever they end up; they cost thousands less than comparable models by Toyota, Nissan or Honda. Hyundais are the newest trend; the basic staple when it comes to "the car to have."

Over the past few years, Hyundai has invested over $1 billion into ensuring Hyundai drivers one thing; a Hyundai like they've never seen before! Whether it is the Hyundai Accent with a cleaner, more fuel efficient engine boasting 32 miles per gallon, the award winning Hyundai Entourage, or the Hyundai Sonata, recipient of MotorWeeks "Driver's Choice Award" for Best Family Sedan, one thing is clear; it's a whole new Hyundai and there's a reason why millions of people drive Hyundais!

According to Mike Wasserman of Hyundai of Tempe, it's just simple fact, "Millions of Hyundais have been sold. Sonatas alone account for over a million cars on the road. Why? Because they make great cars and they sell at an affordable price." Everyone likes to spend their money on a quality product and if the quality product can be had at a great price then it's even better. Hyundai is known for giving the "most!"

From the very first test drive all the way to the service you receive after purchase. Hyundai offers America's Best Warranty with 10 year 100,000 mile powertrain protection and a 5 year 60,000 mile warranty that covers most new vehicle components. They even offer a 5 year unlimited miles road side assistance warranty as well as several other options. Hyundai doesn't claim "America's Best Warranty" without reason!

Great warranties aren't the only thing Hyundai drivers get with their new car; they get the benefit of Hyundai's belief that drivers should enjoy driving. The makers of Hyundai cars don't want their drivers to simply use their vehicles to get from here to there and home again. They want every drive to be an experience worth remembering! And they've got a model to accommodate every experience. The Hyundai Santa Fe takes care of the off road whims. And it does so with aplomb. For a strictly luxurious ride Hyundai offers the Azera: known for ultimate in comfort as well as convenience and safety (it's got the highest number of standard safety features of any car in its class). Once you get behind the wheel of the'll never want to stop driving.

And, of course, the options don't end with off roading and high end pleasure driving...there's also the speeders out there! The Hyundai Tiburon is a high performance machine that also comes with the added benefits of stylish design and the typical Hyundai value. That's a sports car with unexpected bonuses right there!

After all the bells and whistles and different models and safety features...what is it that makes Hyundai different? They make it all affordable, that's what's different. They stand alone in the car industry because they've created a line of cars featuring what people want and made them a cost effective purchase!Hyundai and dealerships just like Hyundai of Tempe work together to make sure that everyone can afford to own a quality car. Hyundai of Tempe sales reps said they do it by offering the "lowest prices, payments and rates."

Who is it that car makers look to as the standard in their industry? It's Hyundai. Hyundais are all over the roads because people like to drive them and people can afford to drive them. Hyundai dealerships give car buyers the vehicles they are looking for and they give it for less!

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Shopping for a vehicle can be stressful, but you've made the first step by choosing to look into Hyundai. Jana Kingman has the info you need to step onto the lot at Hyundai of Tempe with all the right info so you can take full advantage of the best specials and financing rates.

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