Hysterectomy Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist before Surgery

By: Chris Robertson

When facing a serious, life-changing surgery such as a hysterectomy, it's good to know all the facts before going in for the operation. Your gynecologist can share with you important details about hysterectomies and offer tips to help you cope emotionally and physically. We're going to list some questions you should ask your gynecologist before hysterectomy surgery. But first, let's explore what this surgery is and why it is necessary.

What is a Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. Various types of incisions may be used to perform this procedure, such as vaginal, abdominal or laparoscopic. Hysterectomies are often performed in combination with an oophorectomy, or the removal of the ovaries. There are also alternatives to a hysterectomy such as medications or less invasive outpatient procedures. Every woman's body and needs are unique; therefore, it's a good idea to go over all the possible solutions with your gynecologist or surgeon before opting for a hysterectomy.

Reasons Why a Hysterectomy is Recommended

There are numerous health issues that call for a hysterectomy, particularly in cases where a woman's life may be in danger. Some conditions in which a hysterectomy may be recommended include cancer in ovaries or uterus, endometriosis, fibroids, cervical cancer, prolapse, pre-cancer of the uterus, pelvic pain, heavy bleeding during menstruation, and pelvic adhesions. Although a hysterectomy may help heal certain conditions, one must consider the life-long repercussions. A woman who has a hysterectomy will never again be able to have children. On the positive side, however, she will also likely never experience her period again...a result that many women welcome!

Ask Your Gynecologist these Questions:

If your doctor has recommended a hysterectomy, here are some questions to ask your gynecologist or surgeon beforehand.

1. If I want to have children in the future, are there any viable alternatives to having a hysterectomy?

2. Will my health condition possibly go away if I don't have surgery?

3. Are there any non-surgical alternatives that can help my condition?

4. Will I enter menopause after surgery?

5. What type of procedure will be used to remove my uterus and/or ovaries? Please explain the pros and cons of various procedures if applicable, such as laparoscopy, abdominal or vaginal incisions.

6. How long will the surgery last?

7. How long will I remain in the hospital after surgery?

8. Will I be limited in physical activity after surgery?

9. Will the hysterectomy cure my condition completely or will it only address the symptoms?

10. How long should I wait before engaging in sexual intercourse with my spouse after surgery?

11. What treatments (if any) are recommended after surgery?

12. Will I still be required to have pap smears after the hysterectomy?

13. Do you recommend removal of my cervix?

14. If I'm nearing menopause, should I wait to see if this relieves my symptoms?

15. Will you speak with my family about the surgery to help them understand the procedure and what to expect?

These questions may seem personal, but should be asked to give you a better understanding of hysterectomies before having surgery. It's better if you can talk with your gynecologist in advance to prepare for surgery. You may feel more comfortable speaking with your gynecologist instead of the surgeon, if these are two different persons. You probably know your gynecologist well and are able to open up and ask more in-depth questions. Your gynecologist can also help with other concerns such as pelvic pain, infertility, ovarian cysts, tubal ligation, fibroids, etc. Print this list of questions to ask your gynecologist about hysterectomies or create your own to prepare for your next visit. Knowing what to expect will help ease your mind as you make important decisions about your health.

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