Hypnosis for Discovering Patience

By: Gerry Ronson

Hypnosis allows you to improve several aspects of life that you may find need changing. One of the more common issues individuals have is patience. We have been taught the idea of patience, but we don't often use what we have been taught. Part of this reason for not using patience comes with the society we live in today.

Many things are a fingertip away and getting faster all the time. For example the internet allows us to access data and help whenever we need it. We tend to want the same things from people in a store or driving on the road. In general the world is an impatient place. If you find you struggle with patience might consider a hypnosis technique for patience.

One of the hypnosis techniques for patienceis using a CD. The CD is a self hypnosis technique that allows you to listen to the CD whenever you feel a need. However, before we launch into more about the hypnosis for discovering patience we will give some examples of what it could help.

If you are impatient standing in a line at the grocery store or other store, if you feel like you have been in traffic for hours when it is only five minutes, or when your mind just starts racing because you need things to move faster you might find the hypnosis for discovering patience method applicable in your life. Another example would be getting angry while in a store because the customer service representative is helping another customer instead of you, when the other customer had an appointment. There are many examples of impatience in the world.

Patience will be able to teach you that you can't control every situation and that sometimes you must go with the flow of things. Luckily we have a hypnosis technique will allow us to get patience in our lives. The CD offers you suggestions and relaxation.

The first part of any hypnosis technique involving a CD will ask you to lay down in a quiet room, where you can relax without interruption. Often times music such as ocean sounds are used to help you relax. Then the hypnotist describes a quiet place for you to visualise, such as the beach, a deserted island, or other place you might feel safe and relaxed. Once you are placed in the trance the hypnosis session will begin.

This is the second part on a CD. The hypnotist will describe feelings you might want to feel regarding patience. For example words such as when you start to feel stressed or restless in a situation take a deep breath, remember your breathing, and then visualise a quiet stress free environment while you wait. It may also tell you to work on other calming techniques when in an impatient situation.

By listening to the CD the self hypnosis work. There are instructions for self hypnosis, like not listening to the CD in the car or at work. You should always be in a quiet place where you can really relax and hear the suggestions. There is usually a certain amount of time you need to listen to the CD in order for the maximum affects.

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Gerry Ronson has been writing about hypnosis for a number of years and now runs his own store selling hypnosis cds, dealing with such issues as gambling, fear of flying and weight loss.

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