Hypnosis-Way to enhance your own mind power

By: Issac Lomman

Hypnosis is merely a natural state of mind in which a person feels deep relaxation. It’s not something to be afraid of. The induced hypnotic state takes the person in the imaginative world of day dreaming and all his senses are heightened yet body and mind are relaxed. It is not a sleeping stage; it is just a state of inducing sleep.

All of us go in the state of hypnosis at least once a day. I will give you an example; you, I and everyone must have felt that condition. Remember the time when you’ve been in a boring meeting or lecture and your mind begins to wander. Your conscious mind begins to take off into your imagination and you start to daydream about all sorts of wonderful things. This is nothing but just a sort of hypnosis. Each and every human being feels comfortable and has a soothing experience in the hypnotic stage.

There are various myths related to hypnosis like it can make you super talented or athletically strong. This is ridiculous only hypnosis can enhance your performance and nothing more than that. One of the other myth in everyone’s mind is that anyone can be hypnotized against its will .This is not true because hypnosis requires voluntarily participation. But sometimes hypnotics use hypnosis for wrong intentions but still patient’s participation is necessary for the fulfillment of their wrong acts.

The positive art of hypnosis can be used for treating various ailments like for reducing chronic back pain, for weight control, phobia control, building confidence, treating insomnia, pain management etc.

Not only for above type of ailments, can hypnosis also be used for entertainment. These days comedy hypnosis is well liked and mesmerizing the corporate world. Comedy Hypnosis shows are hilarious and unique form of entertainment. These shows are mainly performed on stage in front of audience for the purpose of entertainment.

Isaac Lomman is an Australian comedy hypnotist who creates his shows to focus on the volunteer’s creative side and to celebrate the natural power of their mind rather than humiliate them on stage. His shows are a way to enter in the world of enchantment. He keeps his shows clean and fun for everyone.

So, in all that we can say that there is no clear answer of the question that what is hypnosis but if this art is used correctly then it will become a powerful way of creating changes in attitudes, beliefs and behavior. It is a safe, quick and remarkable vehicle to power of ones own mind.

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Isaac Lomman is a who provide corporate entertainment through his comedy shows .In this article he has focused on the importance of the art of hypnosis in today's life.

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