Hydrographics and Hydrographic Film

By: Axel Price

The term hydrographics refers to hydrographic water transfer printing supplies. There are many hydrographics warehouses dedicated to providing the best patterns of hydrographic film printing. With over 70 patterns in the stock of any specialized warehouse, there are eight film categories associated with an ever growing range of paints and accessories that aim to make hydrographics a top notch service.

Whatever can be painted can also be printed. The five commandments of hydrographics are: clean, prime, paint, print and clear coat. Hydrographics has been recently put on the map of printing services. Potential customers are welcome to browse on the internet for websites that specialize in collections of hydrographic film patterns which the Industry of hydrographics has to offer anywhere in the world.

The staff of these websites have a superb eye for detail and are constantly looking for ways to amaze their customers with a type of hydrographic film that never disappoints. However, there are also cheap imitations on the market. On account of the belief that copying is the highest form of flattery, there are many websites that specialize in close imitations. But, their work is not of high quality. The detail is not sharp enough and the quality of the hydrographic film is nowhere near as good as that of original materials. Therefore, the printing experience provided by this type of sites is poor and inconsistent.

In order to benefit from quality hydrographics, customers need to buy from professional websites that offer the genuine article. Otherwise, they might be missing out on the wider widths of hydrographic film that gives the chance of printing larger items and of paying special attention to details that make the extra money well worth it. Longer lengths than 5M are usually recommended in order to offer that extra edge to printing. All professional websites that specialize in providing original materials will be happy to help out any customer who is interested in such lengths.

Professional websites also offer a great selection of hydrographic film of Carbon which is the most popular pattern in the UK. The customer has many options to choose from. There are Carbons for light base colours, Carbons for dark base colours and Carbons that can be used on any type of colours. Therefore, whatever colour is chosen, there is always a Carbon for that. Customers who cannot make up their minds can simply contact the provider and ask for advice. However, regardless of the type of Carbon chosen, any hydrographic film of Carbon is priced in multiples of 5M.

Another great option is the hydrographic film Gallery of Camo. There is a growing demand for Camouflage all over the world, which is why this section is constantly expanding. The most popular type of Camo hydrographic film can be found at the Camo Gallery online. Again, just as with the Carbon hydrographic film, he Camo hydrographic film is sold in 5M lengths or multiples of 5M.

The Skulls hydrographic film gallery is just as popular as the Camo hydrographic film gallery. From the old and original mini skulls to some of the more detailed Skull patterns, the Skull hydrographic film has become increasingly popular in the UK and the U.S.A. Moreover, Skull hydrographic film gallery also offers the world’s first true 3D hydrographic film pattern. On a last note, Skull hydrogrpahic film is also sold in 5M multiples.

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