Hussain Kuwajerwala's Shree Hindi Movie Review

By: Mauli

Shree Movie Star Cast: Hussain Kuwajerwala, Anjali Patil, Paresh Ganatra, Rio Kapadiya, Shivani Tanskale, Prakash Ganatra, Paritosh Sand, Raj Arjin, Jitendra Vashishth

Director: Rajesh Bachchani

Hussain Kuwarejwala in and as 'Shree', is the main protagonist of the movie. An Over-Intelligent movie specially for those with an above average scientific knowledge.

The movie is about Shreedhar Upadhyay a.k.a Shree who is small time executive in a mobile company. He is deeply in love with his girl-friend Sonu, Anjali Patil. But since he is not earning much in his job, they can't get married. He has made up his mind that he needs money before taking the extra responsibility. His wealthy boss Jairaaj Randhawa played by Rio Kapadiya is finding a suitable man to carry on his experiment and offers it to Shree, who readily takes up for the quick money promised.

Shree becomes the last piece of puzzle in a scientific experiment, devised by a brilliant scientist, supported by the commissioner of police and funded by Randhawa. Thus he is now a part of an experiment which has already gone wrong on eight other people.

With the offer given to for surrendering himself for 12 hours, without much hesitation taking into consideration his future and girl friend Sonu, played by Anjali Patil. The experiment which is a life changer for Shree is what is the most interesting element of the movie.

Shree, who is not aware of the experiment accepts it. What next?

If successful, it could change the fate of their lives and that of the whole world. Lured by the promise of quick money and a bright and successful future, Shree agrees to trade-in 12 hours of his life. Randhawa offers him 20 lakhs for participating in an experiment and Shree happily agrees.As soon as the clock starts, Shree finds that his simple life has been turned upside down; he is accused of murdering the scientist and the commissioner of police among others!
Comes in a-lot of science, super powers and blood. Shree, an ordinary non-significant man, becomes the most wanted man in the city. He has to use his wit and intelligence to prove his innocence. Will he be able to do this???? For those who are in for something unusual, no family drama, no lover-villain, differently interesting, 'Shree' is a must watch for you.

Hussain Kuwarejwala as Shree is brilliant. Hussain who is already a known face on the small screen surely has a great future ahead in Cinema. Anjali Patil is shown to be too loud and too irritating at times. We expected some matured acting from her this time too like she was in 'Chakravyuh'. Shivani Tanksale took us by surprise with her acting in the second half, Paresh Ganatra, Rio Kapadia as the boss, Paritosh Sand, Raj Arjin, Jitendra Vashishth all lend good support and fit into their roles.

A daring step by the director Rajesh Bachchani Shree is definitely worth a watch if you are a sci-fi lover.

Buzz Rating: 3.5/5

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