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I am yet to find a suicide case that was not as a result of some kind of depression or the other. Save for fear of something else happening to them, people who kill themselves do so because they canít find another way through their situation. This is the very evidence of classic depression. But the truth remains that there is hardly any situation that one canít find a solution out of. So, never thing itís too late for you, no matter how depressed you are.

Depression might not be much of a big deal for some, especially when you consider that every person experiences it from time to time. The problem with depression is that it might hang on to you in the most unpleasant of ways. Soon enough, you might not want to associate with a lot of people around you, or worse still, you might feel like hurting someone. That is when it really is a problem. But like I always advice Ė don't let it control you. Instead, YOU should control it!

Psychiatrists and psychologists all over view depression as a sincere illness. In its severe form, it manifests in various ways and can even lead to a number of mental and physical symptoms. In the end, it could actually even kill you. Thatís why you need to get it cured in a hurry.

One form of depression that is quite common but that people don't know a lot about is dysthymia. This is the kind of depression in which you experience occasional episodes of what seems like major depression, but it does not last very long. However, you could suffer from it for quite a while before you are even diagnosed, which is not niceÖ not nice at all.

Depression rates have increased globally in recent years. There was a time when the syndrome was strictly an adult thing, but increasingly younger people are beginning to experience it as well. Something must be happening in the world these days to trigger that, and you ought to be looking to find it out and stop it, before it stops you.

Women and men both get depressed, but not in the same way, as you might find if you spoke with an expert. Even without speaking to an expert, you would understand that with them having to deal with so many hormonal activities all the time, ladies are more prone to being depressed. The only thing left is for them to learn how to handle it, which they do quite well.

Depression is a condition that messes with all of your bodyís systems. Your appetite and your sleep habits are often the fist to change. Soon enough, your whole world is affected; and then you probably go visit a doctor and complain of various bodily ailments when it only ďthe blues.Ē

When you suffer from acute depression, there's hardly a single day that you don't feel sad. A lot of the time, you could find yourself crying and you'd never be able to point at why. You know already how this would make you look, and you don't want that. That's why depression is not an option; you've got to deal with it the moment you observe things about your mood that are difficult to explain or control.

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