How to transfer photos from iPad to computer or Mac

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If I place photos onto my iPad using the SD card adapter, how do I later transfer photos from the iPad to Mac?One way is to connect the iPad to your Mac,locate them through Finder and copy (or cut) them to a folder on your Mac.Check out my PhotoToMac iPad app. It transfers Camera Roll photos to your Mac over WiFi (no cable required!). There's a free version available to give you the opportunity to try it out.
Photos you take with your iPad (if itís a model with a built-in camera) or photos saved to your iPadís Camera Roll, such as e-mail attachments and images from the web, can quickly be saved to your computer via the supplied Dock Connector cable. The process depending on whether you use a Mac or a PC but both are relatively simple tasks. We will show you how to move photos from your iPad to a Mac or a PC using the steps below.Connect your iPad. Plug the 30-pin connector or the Lightning connector to your iPad, and plug the USB end into an available USB port on your PC.
However, I am not looking to spend money on function that is or should be in the basics programing. Also, according to Apple, 3rd party programs are not allowed to access the library's. A contradiction in there own policies?
The issue with using use usb is "this device requires to much power" I have tried the hub tick, not working so well. Do you know what brand or thumb drive does work?
1. On a P.C. It is a drive and can be used as on. On a mac, apparently it cannot.
2. I use that sometimes but when I have 6000 photos, I do not want to spend my life on my
3. That is a bummer.
Without apps or itunes there has got to be a way to manage and transfer photos between Mac and ipad. iTunes is a media player not a photo manager. It kills the efficiency of file and time management. Sad thing is the device Is fully capable of handling it. The programming not so much.
Any other thoughts?
Syncing is bad. It is also not a good way to manage files. Because it slaves you to a single computer. You can sync to other computer however, that causes more problems than it is worth. And we are back at using iTunes and syncing.
As for emailing look at the time lost to do that.
1. Open email
2. Attach photos. ( now your limited to the size of files because of limits on the email )
3. Email it. ( wait for it to upload )
4. Open email on computer or ipad ( wait for it to load )
5. Download each file ( wait for them to download. )
6. Close email ( look at the time lost waiting )
Wait times can get long if your on a slow or public wifi network. And if you have more than a few files that would take all day.
Dropbox is good when you have wifi. The problem come when transferring more than say 5 photos to ipad.
You cannot download multiple files at once from dropbox to ipad. Thus going back to file and time management, internet and wifi connection.
That is why I am looking for a solution to plug in the Ipad to the Mac by USB and moving files that way.
1. Plug in ipad
2. Open program to move files ( if its not done automatically )
3. Move files to and from ipad. (Pick and choose the folders I would like each file to go in. Not synced into one folder then move each file into the correct folder) ( Wait for files the to transfer. Much faster than email or dropbox )
4. Close program
5. Unplug ipad and keep on moving.
No need for wifi or internet connection.

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How to transfer photos from iPad to computer How to copy ipad photos to Computer

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