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Taking a Closer Look at Croatia
The shape of Croatia on the map often reminds us of a crescent or a horseshoe. Croatia is sandwiched between South-central Europe and Middle Europe and it is surrounded by Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the north it is surrounded by Hungary and Slovenia. Croatia is known for its diverse landscapes; it has steep mountains in Lika and Gorski Kotar which is densely wooded, it also has plains, hills and lakes. Adding to the variety is the rocky coastlines of the Adriatic Sea
The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear of Croatia is the national parks. The climate too is highly diverse like its diverse terrain. Northern and the Eastern part of Croatia enjoys continental climate, whereas the coastal regions enjoy Mediterranean climate. The south-central region enjoys semi-highland and highland climate. There are over 1000 offshore islands and the largest islands of Croatia are Cres and Krk and these islands are located in the Adriatic Sea.
Croatia was originally the Roman province of Pannonia. Between the 7th and the 9th centuries the Croats were converted to Christianity and they followed the Roman script. In 1867 Croatia became part of Hungary and it remained so until 1918. Croatia announced its independence on 29 October, 1918. However, Croatia has to struggle through a lot of political difficulties and it carries a lot of painful memories of the past.
Today Croatia enjoys a different status altogether and it has become one of the Europe’s most preferred tourist destinations. It has a long stretch of 1178 kilometers of rocky coastline that is lined with pine-fringed coves and mesmerizing beaches that attract thousands of visitors every year. Besides that, there are almost 1185 diverse islands making it as one of the most exciting tourist spots, you will never get bored of exploring these islands. It will take one’s lifetime to explore all these islands.
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