How to refill E-cigs with your own Electric Cigarette Refills

By: Adrian Rocker

Electronic Cigarettes are considered as a substitute to tradition cigarettes. These cigarettes run on electricity with rechargeable batteries or charger, which are filled with a flavored liquid that produces misted vapors. The vapors appear to give the effect of real smoke; however, it is just vaporized air. The cigarettes have a cartridge which holds the liquid, which can be changed once the liquid is used up. There are different ways of refilling the cartridge. Some manufacturers offer Electronic Cigarette Refills as well. However, each refill needs to be attached in a proper way. The liquid can easily get spilled over.

Normally, people buy new cartridges, however sometimes you don’t find the same cartridge’s manufacturer which is compatible with your electronic cigarette. Thus, many companies are now selling liquids that can be refilled in the cartridge without having to buy another electronic cigarette. The Electronic Cigarette Refills includes a liquid that is used to refill the cartridges. It is named as e-liquid. If these refilling liquids were not available in the market, then the consumer would have no choice but to throw them away, losing a lot of money. If these refills are utilized, you can save by a considerable amount.

When one is filling a liquid in the Electronic Cigarettes, it can be a tricky business as the nozzle of the cartridge is quite tight and the danger of spilling the liquid is high. If the liquid spills over, you will not have enough liquid to start the heating process which produces the vapors. Hence, the smoke like effect will not come. To refill a cartridge, you need to purchase the electronic liquid. You can even buy them in different flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, apple and tobacco, which a very popular flavor amongst the users of an electronic cigarette.

There are many different ways of filling the cartridge. You could either go for the injection method, where you can use a syringe to fill up the cartridge. It saves you from the prospect of spilling the liquid and it can save you from a lot of wastage. Many manufacturers sell special syringes, however, a regular syringe could also be used which is available in every medical store. Most people feel that filling up a cartridge is a huge hassle, so they simply invest in Electronic Cigarette Refills. However, they are not available everywhere and needs to be ordered online.

Another way to refill the Electronic Cigarettes is through a dripper. There is polyester covering inside the cartridge that needs to be removed first. Gently take the liquid into the dropper and slowly drop some liquid into the cartridge. It will help you in not spilling the liquid since the opening of cartridge become quite small after the polyester filling is removed. Put back the polyester filling but you should wait for the filling to soak up the liquid. Add some more drops of the e-liquid to ensure that the filling completely drench the nicotine liquid. Once the liquid is soaked up and filled, close the cartridge back.

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