How to reduce weight-eat a week diet

By: Hayden

The women in office because of long-term sitting and lack of movement, are easy to let lower body fat which also are troubled many people. The following recommend you a week diet, donít need to go on a diet and also donít need acuteness exercise, in a month can be able to eat lower body fat, it is the most healthy and simple lazy thin body method.

On Monday, remove the retention moisture the lower body
Breakfast: a small bowl of gourd shrimp porridge, a boiled egg, a mixed purple cabbage.
Meals: an orange, a few nuts.
Lunch: half bowl of rice, a little steamed fish, a cold broccoli.
Meals: a bottle of yogurt.
Dinner: half small bowl of red bean rice, a small bowl of kelp tofu oyster soup, several pieces of the lettuces.
This menu emphasizes to supply the high potassium vegetables, which can be helpful to remove the retention moisture of the lower body, at same time the substance in vegetables also helps us inhibit fat, and can get rid of the fat dietary fiber of fat.

Wednesday today your weight has begun to reduce
Breakfast: a small bowl of Indian meal, a boiled egg, a share lettuce shred.
Meals: a cup of yogurt, half of banana.
Lunch: half bowl of rice, some Curry Chicken roasted mushrooms, a share of cold pea shoots.
Meals: several strawberries, several nuts.
Dinner: 250ml soya-bean milk, a piece of whole wheat bread, a small part of vegetable salad.
Remember the curry chicken roasted mushrooms must be less oil at lunch and the vegetables and mushroom is the main, when eat, eat meat a time, eat vegetables three times.

Thursday you need to supply nutrient
Breakfast: a glass of milk, a piece of whole wheat bread, a boiled egg, several tablets lettuce or lettuces.
Meals: several cherry tomatoes, several nuts.
Lunch: half bowl of rice (main ingredient is rice, and has some corn), Abalone Sauce baby cabbage, a spare spicy mixed purple cabbage.
Meals: a cup of yogurt, half of apple.
Dinner: a small bowl of sweet potato porridge, mix a spare cucumber and bean, a piece of stewed hairtail.
The meal of every day looks simple, and the mount is not a few, in fact every day through some food collocation, food characteristics, and the supplement nutrients to help us complete weight reduction, and reduce the abdominal fat, etc.

Friday-eliminate the fat in abdomen and lower body
Breakfast: a small bowl of red bean YiMi porridge, a boiled egg, a portion of cold radish.
Meals: half of papaya, several nuts.
Lunch: a bowl of tomato noodles, a portion of cold lily celery.
Meals: a cup of yogurt, several strawberries.
Dinner: a portion of vegetable fruit salad, soya-bean milk 250 grams.
Red bean and YiMi can be very good to help us eliminate fat in the abdomen and lower body, and mustard oil that turnip contains can help me to speed up the fat metabolism, papaya can help us decompose fat, celery contains high potassium, it absolutely canít be without it when thin leg, and the dinner in this day doesnít have the staple food, although only vegetables fruit salad and soya-bean milk, believe that will give you a gradual flat lower abdomen in next early morning.

Simple and nutrition on Saturday
Breakfast: a glass of milk, a portion of ketchup roast potatoes, an apple
Meals: two small mangos, several nuts
Lunch: half of small bowl of rice, a portion of yellow croaker with tofu, a portion of cold endive.
Meals: a block of grapefruit.
Dinner: a small bowl of millet congee, a little of balsam pear scramble eggs
Although choose potatoes in morning, not the usual vegetables, potatoes not only can be used as a staple food and can become vegetable food, it not only contains staple food carbohydrates, at the same time, contains vitamin C and various minerals that a lot of vegetables contain, is very simple and nutrition to thin body.

On Sunday increase blood
Breakfast: a small bowl of red date lotus seed tremella soup, a boiled egg, an orange.
Meals: a few nuts, several strawberries
Lunch: half of small bowl of red bean rice, several steamed garlic scallop, a small bowl of small white beef cattle tail soup
Meals: a cup of yogurt.
Dinner: a piece of steamed yam, a portion of mixed broccoli and cauliflower.
Todayís meal list is mainly to increase the blood, increase the taste function to help us have enough energy to clear the rubbish inside body, and remove out of body, and at the same time, accelerate metabolism, and let the lower half of fat get decomposition.

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