How to recognize hard drive failure?

By: Brooke M. Perry

It might have occurred to you that the hard drive in your PC is vulnerable to many threats. Even after installing various security suites and software it will not last long than it should. It is undoubtedly the most essential as well as the most vulnerable component of your system. The most challenging part seems that you can replace your storage drive but you cannot replicate your data. You can never be sure if your system might shut down all of a sudden and all is lost within a span of few seconds. Even if you try hard, you might be able to recover only a few bits of your entire data.

You can overcome the fear of sudden drive failure and loss of data if you know early telltale signs. There are some specific symptoms that you can keep a check upon and save a lot of hassle. Through this article, you will be able to recognize the factors that contribute towards the storage drive failure.

BSOD and system slow

The most common trouble that you might have gone through is system slow down. These results in slow response and it might take like ages to boot up. Even when you are finally logged into your system it will still respond very slowly to your commands or in launching programs. You might also face troubles with trying to open a drive or access a folder. The response will be very slow and may ultimately lead to system freeze or a blue screen. Other things might be related to junk data and low RAM but the trouble can be with your drives.

Corrupted data

Whenever there is a trouble with your hard drive the most obvious of signs will be corrupted data. Your system will start flashing messages that will indicate that your data is corrupted. Other things include the very common error of not being able to save files. You might also notice a few files missing from your system it is because your failing storage disc is wreaking havoc with your data.

Automatic Chkdsk scan

Even when you boot your system an auto-scan command for Chkdsk command will pop up and run. This is the most common system error that you might have encountered every now and then. If this keeps happening over a given time then it is an indication towards failing storage drive.

Bad sectors

Very often you might have came across a term called back sectors, it is something in your data that is inaccessible and cannot be read. Your hard drive is not able to get past it. There are two kinds of bad sectors soft bad sectors and hard bad sectors. Out of these only soft bad sectors can be repaired, the other kind is beyond repair. The Chkdsk for Windows helps in repairing soft bad sectors. This is yet another sign that you need to take a full data backup or else you will lose your data any moment without second warning.

Weird noises from hard drive

The best way to realize that your system is in for a hard drive failure is the weird noise. If you are hearing clicking noise on a repetitive basis then you need to understand that the hard drive of your system is about to give up. Whenever you hear a weird clicking noise this indicates that the hard drive is attempting to write data but it is not able to perform the function.

On another note if you hear rattling or grinding noises then this would mean that the motor within the hard drive is loose. This often happens as a result of loosely installed drive cabinet. However, you must remember that with 7500 rpm or more the rattling noise is normal due to the loose installation. Nonetheless it is alarming, as the drive needs to be properly installed within the tray. For this purpose either you need to open up the entire cabinet and give a thorough check to the fitting of the disk cabinet or you need to consult a hardware expert who is familiar with the trouble and help you with it.

Any of the above-mentioned troubles is a sure indication of drive failure. It is advisable that you seek help of a technical expert in this regard before you lose your data or your system is permanently damaged.

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