How to recognize a bad catalytic converter?

By: Axel Price

It is not a crime to own a vehicle and drive it around, especially in places where public transport does not connect you to your office or other important places. It is however a crime to irresponsibly handle the vehicle and pay no heed to emissions that harms the environment. One important component of your vehicle that controls emissions is a catalytic converter and it is mandatory in most countries to install a fully functional catalytic converter. In case of an older car or in few exceptional circumstances if your vehicle has trouble with bad catalytic converter your foremost responsibility is to replace it as soon as possible. If you have questions about the machine such as how much is a catalytic converter and what to do with the damaged ones there are several regular and online stores that can answer your queries. A better option is to sell an old or damaged catalytic converter to a recycling factory that will extract the valuable metal for other uses.

How will you recognize if you have a bad catalytic converter? One sure sign of damage is if your vehicle does not accelerate when you step on the gas pedal. In older vehicles that have been used frequently, the converter often gets clogged resulting in dysfunction. In case your car refuses to start it can be a sign of damage too. If your car more often empties fuel as compared to before, the reason can be diagnosed to a bad converter. Take your car to a service center for proper testing and once it is confirmed that the problem lies in the catalytic converter, you can change it. If you are worried about the budget and you are asking local mechanics and automobiles stores as to how much is a catalytic converter, the answer is that it depends on the area you live, the model and make of your car and the labor charges to install it. It can cost you anywhere from $300 to $800.

What will you do with a damaged catalytic converter? You can either dump it in your garage or throw it away thinking itís of no use. A bad catalytic converter however is in demand by scrap yards and recycling industries and can even fetch you good price. The best option is to browse through the many online companies that list the different types of converter and the entire processing system. The valuable metals such as palladium, platinum and rhodium are extracted so that they can be used again. How much is a catalytic converter and how quickly will you be paid once you sell your stock? The company executives will give you a quote for your converter and explain clearly how and when you will be compensated.

This is a great way of dispensing your bad catalytic converter and making a profit too. This sustainable approach towards making wastes useful should be promoted and appreciated. You can also take part in the initiative by spreading awareness about such recycling industries. The exhaustive FAQ including how to recognize a damaged converter to how much is a catalytic converter and everything related to converters is covered by the online websites making it easy for the clients to access the services of these recycling agencies.

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Identify the signs of a bad catalytic converter. Contact an online recycling company to sell your damaged converter and ask them how much is a catalytic converter.

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