How to reach Your Goals with Construction Services

By: thomas.white

Construction services like land survey London date back almost since the idea of ownership. Ever since the ancient man decided that a piece of land can belong to a person or a group, there was a need to mediate land disputed regarding the pieces of land given. This is where surveys came in, although today they are used for many other purposes.

A reputable company such as the Chanton Group usually has a good working relationship with a lot of their clients which usually includes architects, communities, planners and with general construction that ensure that your project is done both accurately and on time. This way you will have a host of experts that provide their area of specialization for the success of your project. These professionals will provide you with construction services from pre-planning to closeout so you always have someone with you every step of the way.

Among the construction services mentioned above you may also be able to receive land survey London services from certain companies. Almost every civilisation in the history of the world has used some type of surveying, but of course in time, they have become more sophisticated due to changing of the laws and the improvement of technology. Today, GPS and other technologies allow for a much more exact survey than it was possible a few decades ago.

One of the first examples of a land survey London using mathematics was in ancient Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza, which was built around 2700 BC, demonstrates their knowledge surveying techniques. After the Nile flooded the plains, ancient Egyptians redrew the boundary lines using basic geometry. Archaeologists found a land register that recorded the owners of various pieces of land and their locations and they have found it to be five thousand years old, meaning it was written or drafted in the year 3000 BC. These early efforts by the Egyptians were clearly years ahead of other civilisations and this also applies to other areas of technology. These surveys were based on geometry as well as simple declarations that they believed these boundaries to be correct.

In the Roman Empire, there actually existed an official position as a ‘land surveyor’ but they were called ‘agrimensores’. Texts describing their actions date back to the first century AD. They were known for creating impeccably straight lines and right angles using very simple tools; that is why they were referred to as being thorough and precise. After measuring these lines, they would dig a shallow ditch to represent the lines and quite amazingly, some of these ditches still exist to the present day.

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So, as you can see, land survey London exists since the early stages of man and it is a part of more construction services that most construction companies like the ChantonGroup can offer.

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