How to print pictures on canvas

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The benefits of printing images on canvas

Even though an artist needs to spend a lot of money and time for creating an artwork, he hardly gets the price he deserves. As a matter of fact, some artists sell the paintings below the market price. However, there is a solution for these artists. They can duplicate their artworks by means of printing on canvas and recover the making cost and also make some profit.

For the artists who want to produce multiple copies of their artwork by painting on canvas and stretching them, The Gallery Stretcher-60 comes as a worthy choice. The veteran Custom Picture Framers can stretch canvas by hand but it is a very time consuming process. Some Pneumatic Canvas Stretching machines are sold in the market that can be used for printing to canvas. The professional quality canvas stretchers can make gallery wraps. This is a well known process that envelops the picture around the stretcher bar sides.

In recent times, the Large Format Printers and affordable scanners have made getting one’s original artwork printed and scanned to paper and canvas a straight forward job. Even a few years back, scanning an artwork was costly. Getting it printed on canvas was even more costly for people. But with the advent of technology this has been simplified. There are a number of specialized Giclee Printers that enable an artist to take reprints as and when required.

Nowadays printing on canvas has become easier as the prices of the Giclee Printers have taken a nosedive. An experienced operator can take extraordinary printouts in these printers. However, for stretching an artwork on a canvas certain steps are required to be followed. The artwork requires to be scanned. Then it needs to undergo color correction and retouching. Thereafter, it gets printed to paper and canvas. If the output is on a canvas, it can be extended. Ideally, an artist or painter should not leave the task of stretching the artwork to the consumer. It is not possible for a common person to know How To Stretch Canvas.

The Gallery Stretcher-60 is a fully equipped pneumatic Canvas Stretcher machine that can give uniform and tight gallery wraps under 3 minutes without any hassle. It weighs about 48 pounds. It is the brainchild of Greg Moulin and Dave Weaver. The former is an eminent graphic designer while the latter served in the Coast Guard as an engineer. They developed this unique machine after 1 year of elaborate testing and experimenting. While they did not want to make it for commercial production, the rising need and favorable response the product got prompted them to make it available for the public in 2008. The best part about the device is that it does not need electricity to operate.

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