How to nursing care dog hair loss

By: Hayden

Dog hair loss is often the case that many parents meet, some dogs hair loss is a normal phenomenon, of course, we have to overcome the impact on our life because of the dog hair loss, according to the following situations to be treated separately dog hair loss phenomenon.
1 molting in the growth process of dog, the dog in the process of growing from puppy to adult dog transition process will shed lanugo, occurred about three or four months, we can give the dog carding, choose the special bath foam for dog.
2 seasonal hair loss: Most dogs have molting phenomenon in the spring and autumn, such as shepherd dog, Chow, pekingese and so on, in summer don't require so much hair, so when the weather is warm, will remove part of the old hair, to regulate body temperature. And when in the winter, it will take off the air lock, replacement fluff to spend cold winter. These are the normal phenomenon, as long as give a dog grooming a day during this time and cleaning dander, you can prevent a houseful flying hair.
3 If a dog suffering from diseases such as folliculitis or eczema, or a large number of dogs parasitic lice and fleas, can also cause a lot of hair removal. Dogs because of itching and pulling fur will catch a lot of dog hair off with claws and teeth. At this time, it is best to first find out the reasons, consult the doctor or an experienced person remedy.
4 man-made causes of hair loss phenomenon, many families use adult soap or shampoo or detergent, detergent to the dog a bath. Because the dog's skin tends to be neutral, and the detergent adult dog's skin with respect to high alkaline, causing the dog's skin dry, itchy, so mites, bacteria, fungi has opportunity, thus leading to the formation of skin hair loss .
5, the growth period: the dog will appear massive hair loss phenomenon after giving birth, are also accompanied by weight loss, and other conditions. You should pay more attention to the nutritional supplement bitch.
6, old ages: older dogs will have alopecia because of slow metabolism, when dogs into old age, note to supply of nutrients, make them eat professional senile dog food.
7, ingested too much salt can cause dog hair loss, dogs need salt which is different from humans', ingestion of too much salt can cause hair loss phenomenon, including spicy, spicy food, in addition, ingestion of salt over much can also cause more visceral load increase, should eat specialized nutrition ratio of dog food.
8, too often bathing: Some owners will have baths for dog with high frequencies in order to clean, but also disrupts the pH balance of the dog's skin, causing hair loss.
9, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, feed dogs on some seaweed powder, and beautiful hair powder can be significantly improved.
10, emotional hair slip: fear, tension, anxiety can cause emotional dog hair loss, so pet owners need to interact regularly with comfort, eliminate pet tensions, and fears.
11, in addition, sunlight, temperature and natural environment will have an effect on dog hair growth. If the puppy is not exposed to the sun long time, long-term keep indoors all year round also cause slight alopecia. There are some breeds of dogs, such as Dalmatians, although short-haired breed, any time touch it by hand, just a little force, will be stained the whole hand with hair, which can not be avoided, you must do good psychological preparation if keep such dogs. Need to develop the habit of combing the dog, twice a day, with a dedicated pet comb. If the pet likes can be dressed, to avoid hair loss. Choosing the right bath oil, bath oil may protect the good dog fur, reducing the number of hair loss, but also can prevent skin diseases. Standing at home dedicated dip brush.

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