How to moisturize for skin in winter - 5 tips

By: Hayden

In winter, the dry weather and the biting wind will take away moisture in our face and body, it is not excessive to supply more moisture, but it should be skillful, there are five tips, help us thoroughly get rid of rough dry skin problems.
First: early morning drink a cup of water to discharge toxins to become beauty
The skin is the largest storage organ in the human body. Beauty experts recommend in the morning after getting up, first drink a cup of water, every day ensure that drinking eight glasses of water (1.5-2L), which can be better to help the body get rid of toxins, making the skin done well moisturizing foundation courses from the inside to outside.
Suggestion: drink cold boiled water has the best effect, because when the boiling water will be naturally cooled to 20-25 , the gas was dissolved in the water will be reduced by 1/2 compared with pre-boiled, the cohesive force of the water will increase. At this time, the molecular structure of water your drinking is very close to human cell, so has a high biological affinity, easily penetrate to the interior of the skin tissue, supplement skin moisture.
Second: change facial cleanser, cleansing and moisturizing are all needed
Many girls can choose strong degreasing cleanser in the summer, but in winter, excessive oil-control makes the skin exceptionally easy to dry in the cold, may also lead to chapping peeling. If winter comes, is your cleanser suitable for you?
The different skin girls have different need to cleanser, girls who are dry and neutral skin can consider choosing nourishing cleanser; girls with oily skin can choose oil type cleanser with hydrating effect, In addition, girls should also note that, wash your face with cold water or warm water, have a good effect in promoting skin to absorb moisture, improving skin elasticity and luster, and improving skin resistance.
Third: use the right astringent, making skin absorb enough water
Lotion is the first skin care program product after cleansing skin care, especially went into the winter, thirsty skin can no longer meet the moist degree of lotion in the summer, while a good lotion not only can be moisture replenishment, but also ensure that the skin can be better absorption of nutrition the subsequent skincare products. It is important to select the right astringent.
Fourth: moisturizing cream/lotion, powerful locking water
To create the ultimate water beauty, it is not enough to only use lotion, and a deep-seated moisturizing cream is essential to follow-up procedures. If girls who feel moisturizing cream are too heavy, and greasy, can also choose a moisturizing lotion.
Fifth: Activate eye base to show your own look
The eyes are the window to the soul, is also the window of revealing age. In the thinnest place on the face, eye care in winter, in addition to moisturize, anti-aging is equally important.

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