How to help the cat and dog to comb hair

By: Hayden

First of all, it is necessary to have a good habit to comb fur of cats or dogs instead of combing pets' fur only when you remeber. (in addition to the benefits of combing animals' fur) However, it will be comfortable for pets and easier for you if the correct methods are applied.
It needs to be in order when combing pets' fur which shall start from neck to the shoulder, then back, chest, waist, abdomen and hindquarters. The direction is from front to the back and top to bottom. Eventually, limbs and tails will be combed and both sides have to be combed.
There are a few precautions:
1: specially comb shall be supplied instead of human used comb. The back of the comb shall be held tight and swinging the wrist. Fur shall be combed horizontally and coarse brush, fine brush and soft brush will be used interchangeable. Fur usually will be straightened by coarse brush, the fur will be smoothed by soft brush and broken fur can be cleaned by fine brush.
2: fur needs to be combed from the front to the back and top to the bottom in order to follow the fur growth.
3: grooming shall be done gently and patient instead of pulling hard and rough. Otherwise, these can cause pain that pet may dislike combing. Sensitive regions such as external genitalia need to be looked after properly and carefully and pets need to be appeased.
4: observe pets' skins while combing the fur. The regions of crusting, scar tissue, alopecia areata, abscess, knots and purulent shall be avoided and proper treatment must be provided,
5: it is common to see fur is knotted. Therefore, the fur needs to be combed from the cutting edge to the root. in order to comb through. If lump or dead knot, fur needs to be cut off to sort it out.
6: if the fur of cats or dogs are too thick to be combed, then the fur shall be combed layer by layer separately. Finally comb all the fur together.
7: both inner layer and outer layer of the fur need to be combed. Inner layer is soft that can be easily to tie up. The skin won't be smooth if inner layer is ignored and got agglomerated and only outer layer is combed and cleaned. This causes easy to breed fungi, parasites specially in wet environment and season and the pets can have skin diseases such as rashes and eczema.
Good habit of combing fur of pets can solve the problems of fur loss. Quite often pets love combing and there are a few benefits by doing it:
1: promotion blood circulation: massage pets' skin while grooming can increasing the bllod circulation of the pets and enhance the immune system and relief the exhaustion of the pets.
2: reduction of fur loss: broken fur can be removed during grooming instead of droping everywhere in the entire house.
3: prevetion of fur knots: regular grooming can reduce chances of entanglement and knot especially for those pets which have long fur.
4: trauma and skin diseases can be found easily during grooming. Therefore, the owner can have provide the best treatment on time.
5: better appearance of the pet: fur follicles can be stimulated by grooming regular to ensure good quality of the fur, shining and smooth.
Therefore, keep habit of grooming 5mins everyday can reduce the troubles of fur loss and keep healthy skin and fur.

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