How to handle easy going and complex people?

By: timcheri

How to handle easy going and Complex people? Some of the lines in this article are factual while some are based on my own opinion. I will try to write the information as accurately as I have perceived it but as we all are humans there are chances that some of the information gets miss interpreted.
Nonetheless, its time I start the topic. Recently, I have been assigned to coordinate a project of university magazine. In the beginning of the project I was a lot excited as well as confused that ‘will people listen to me?’, ‘will they agree to what I say?’ but then I said to myself, that I should research on the topic.
On the basis of the research I got to know to different type of people.
Complex and easy going,
Some of the people in a class are pretty complex and possessive because they feel they are better than the leader himself. I will talk about both of them in the typed lines below.
Complex people:
For me I will say only one thing, be assertive with them. There are three ways, one is the aggressive behavior and the passive behavior, these are normal behaviors, third one is the assertive behavior a little hard to control and acquire but is a good one in long term.
For easy going people there is not harm in talking to them directly and I do not think you will need to talk with them in aggressive behavior. But when it comes to complex and difficult people you have to take care of them with the assertive technique. There are many ways online in which you can learn assertive approach. In simple way it can be described in two ways. The ‘Win-Win’ situation and second is explaining in the best and concise way possible without being aggressive. Remember you will have to explain it, because not explaining is considered passive behavior.
Easy going people:
Easy going people are those people that are called the ‘nice guys’. Because they are easy to handle and usually do not object to anything. But they have also a temper of erupting under pressure because if someone bullies them a lot they will handle the pressure for sometime but they have a limit too.
So, these are the two types of people in the world, remember next time when you tackle people. Categorize them and handle them accordingly.

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