How to get backlinks easy and for free

By: Sasha Krulik

Nowadays many people understand all the power of article publishing business. Demand for content is extremely huge and increases day by day.

The internet performs role of money generating engine and allows everyone to establish own business in a couple of days.

It was very easy to promote own product in the internet a few years ago. It was enough to set appropriate keywords to your site and submit the site to search engines. The competition was no so huge and it was not difficult to promote own site and see it on the first page of search engines.

But time changed, search engines become more clever, their page ranking algorithms are very complex and take into consideration huge amount of factors. The most important factors now are unique content and quantity of backlinks to the site.

SEO follow search engines changes and discover new and new methods how to get unique content. There are many options on the market. First of all you can order article writing services on freelance's sites. As for me this method is not so good because freelancers usually are not as fast as you expect and the quality of articles is very low. Moreover they can resell and usually are reselling article you ordered from them many times. And in couple of weeks you will realize that the article on which you spent money and own effort not unique and there are hundreds of pages consisting exactly same content. If you not trust me you may in a few weeks copy any paragraph of this article I am writing now or form any other articles in articles publishing directories and search for in Google. Are you surprised? :) I don't. People are so lazy to write own article, more easily way is to "borrow" article.

Other option is to buy "well" prepared and niche oriented packs of articles. Please don't do it - the result all the time will be same. You will not even finish review articles you just bought when you realize that hundreds of the same articles are already published.

More over there are many tools which promise to automatically generate or rewrite article for you. For one side it is true but from other outrageous lie. Yes, they rewrite you article, probably they able to produce unique one but usually they are totally human unreadable. And such articles will not attract visitors of your site.

You will ask me what to do in such situation? Write own articles from the scratch? Buy and publish already published articles? Publish human unreadable articles? Sure, the best one is to write new own article. What about if I am not so creative to write attractive piece of content? What about to receive high-quality backlinks to your site?

If you submit your (unmodified) article to 500 article directories the search engines are going to see all those articles as same and not get backlinks to your site more over after such manipulations you can get penalty form search engine and your site will be removed from search index last and all the time!

Dizzy and tired of all this babble, I decided to develop my own solution. I spent months planning, designing, and developing a tool that would give me exactly what I needed...

Hundreds of unique articles that both search engines and article directories will love, without having to work for hours on end! The outcome is nothing short of amazing, and NOW YOU can take benefit of it too!

Let me present you Magic Article Rewriter. The quickest and easiest way to generate exactly thousands of unique human readable and attractive articles!

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Aleksandr Krulik is owner of Magic Article Rewriter the company providing article rewriting software and other SEO tools.

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