How to face-lift to be more beautiful

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More and more people dream to have a small and sharp face while they are always have fat or large ones. Then what to do to face-lift to be more beautiful?
Facial massage
1.After applying massage cream, cheek bone in the fat part of the vertical pull, and pull out. Then slowly move down the location to the nose up. A movement of about 5 seconds, sustained for 1 minute.
2. Attached to the cheeks with hands, focus on smooth mouth and nose fold wrinkles (fine lines nose), skin in landscape opened. Palm of your hand to push from the inside out to about 2-3 seconds until the outer contour. Repeat for 1 minute.
3. Finally along the eye socket, cheek bone with finger tapping. Carried to the temple will feel the spirit of comfortable. After the massage, make-up water emulsion mixed wipe evenly, you can complete.
Stick with it, you will see the effect.
Beauty salon professional face-lift
Today many professional salon services have a face-lift can be selected according to their needs.
1. Facial liposuction: liposuction with other parts of the body almost from ear tubes inserted after liposuction, fat suction face unnecessary.
2. Facial plastic surgery: correcting for the duck say to the face or a round face oval face, the doctor will put you on the cheek bones on both sides cut out a small piece, sounds very easy, but do careful whom.
3. Botox Facial: This is a toxin to muscle atrophy, this method effective, but its drawback is that easy to return about six months.
Face-lift and make-up tips
If you have tried hard all the way face-lift exercise and massage are no changes, or about to attend an important event, but also through clever techniques to achieve visual make-up little face.
1. The first step is to learn to play the base, in the more prominent parts of a white T-foundation, emphasizing the features of the three-dimensional effect, and can cause visual focus. Use of color in the cheeks, foundation, and in use around the face a little more than skin deep powder cake or repair capacity, more modified lines of my face.
2. Emphasizing the brow ridge, painted eyebrows too long or if too short, make the contours of the face look short and wide. Best eyebrow length, is not more than one Mei Wei through the end of eye from the nose to Mei Wei's 45 degrees of extension cords. Brow ridge in the lateral eyes 3-5 mm.
3. With close to the skin but slightly darker than the color of blush to the slanting from the temple, cheek brush, do not blush painted circle in the cheekbone the following slanting paint, Blush should be the upper and lower halo. After dipping the brush gently brush the blush on the paper towel on top, mix thoroughly and then painted cheeks.
4. Depicting three-dimensional lip with lip liner and lipstick choices and color close to the color, then put on some light with the focus, emphasizing the three-dimensional sense of lip gloss, this way, the use of a gap between the lips and face the visual effect, the face would seem to have become smaller in general.

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