How to eat western food with elegant way

By: Hayden

We eat Western food outside, is in order to its romantic atmosphere, do you still want to show grace image when eat western food? It is necessary to pay attention to etiquette of eating western food.
1, when seated, the body should be upright, don't put elbows on the table, do not lift up the foot, it is better that the distance to the table is easy to use cutlery. Tableware on the dining table is already placed can't freely be moved back and forth. Fold the napkin and gently put in laps.
2, when use forks to have dinner, fetch knife and fork
from the outside to the inside, left hand holds fork, the right hand takes a knife; when cutting things, press food with fork in the left hand, use knife to cut food into small pieces, and then deliver food into the mouth with a fork.
When use the knife, the blade is not outward. In the process of meal, when put down the knife and fork, they should respectively be placed on the plate edge. Blade is toward to yourself, it is said that he would continue to eat. When eat up a dish, put knife and fork close together on the disk. If you are talking, you can hold a knife and fork, do not need to be put down. When don't use knife or fork, can hold fork with the right hand, but if you need to do gestures, should put down the knife and fork, do not wave and arm with knife and fork in the air, and also do not have a knife or fork in one hand, while clean mouth with the napkin using the other hand, also can't take wine glass in one hand and serve food with fork using the other hand. Keep in mind, any time, do not put the end of the knife and fork on the plate and place the other end on the table.
3, don't feed too much food into the mouth every time, do not talk while chewing, and cannot initiatively talk with people.
4, do not sip when drink soup, when eat you need to shut up mouth to chew. Do not make a sound in the mouth. If soup is overheating, can be cooler and then eat, do not blow using the mouth. When eat up dish and soup, put soup spoon in a soup plate (bowl), spoon point to yourselves.
5, the bread should be broken into small pieces and put it into the mouth, do not bite the whole bread. If you add butter and jam, bread should first be broken into small pieces, and then add.
Largely speaking, eat western food outside pays attention to the emotional appeal: the marble fireplaces, the shining crystal lamps, silver candlesticks, colorful wine, coupled with elegant and charming manners, which is a moving painting itself. To behave more adept when eat western food, it is still worthwhile that you know these dining etiquette.

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