How to do the basic position to aim the ball

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Playing golf is a sport with a special charm. It is the people in the natural elegance of the natural green environment, exercise, strive to improve the skills of the activities. How to do the basic position to aim the ball

First of all: look like the right shoulder to the elbow with a sense of aiming the ball, shoulders and arms should be relaxed as much as possible, so that the upper body maintain the natural relaxed state, from the start aiming the ball back swing position, must be slow Minato waved section head go, this time, if the shoulders or the arms to exert extra effort, it will become quickly raise the club, leaving the ball great deviation occurs rhythm! In addition to time, the aim the ball by straight right elbow, which was aiming the ball position is very stiff. When the right elbow straight because not only aim to fly the ball line of the shoulders, go out and it will swing in the shoulders canít be fully backward rotation, the direction of the head to the outside increased.

Second: your hands should be placed in front of the thigh heel. Hands when aiming the ball position should pay more attention, you want to swing the club smoothly, it is best to keep both hands on the front left leg heel. Aiming to maintain this position because the ball, left arm and rod axis can form a straight line, leaving the club and shoulders have one sense. Aiming the ball, hands reach out to the target direction significantly, too biased "hand first" of aiming the ball position, or too heavy right foot position bias, will be the swing and the swing arms canít match the rhythm, a mistake main reasons.

Again: the distance between the ball and the body should maintain a proper and most appropriate for the grip from the club aiming the ball, the grip between the hands and the navel, for about one and a half to two fists distance, too close to the ball too far away or standing posture is not good, especially the fight was thinking far, it is easy in the unconscious, standing far away from the club where to aim the ball often results in a smooth swing and could not lead to mistakes. Therefore, it should pay special attention.

Then: good lower body stability the most important. Upper body should be as easy as possible, maintain natural, but the swing is based on the lower body, lower body should be firm and must maintain the highest stability, peace of mind to hit the ball. Knees bent too much or too straight is not ideal, knees should be slightly bent, with slightly lower waist, knees inside feeling a little nervous to the extent of the best. When you grip the club aiming the ball well, gently shaking knees, you can appreciate the old to the lower body is solid.

Last: Central allocation should be the average feet. Distribution of aiming the ball center of gravity, the principle should keep their feet on average. If the focus of bias, then his left foot, back swing, the club head will swing way into a high elevation. Instead, the focus right foot bias, they will raise the direction inside the club. The average center of gravity maintains the position of the feet. Also note that not tend to toe or heel. Just the best place in the soles because this would stand more stable lower body, each swing can maintain a certain track, short, with close to nature the most ideal way to aim the ball!

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