How to do dental care for your pet dogs

By: Hayden

Pet care - dental care
Gum disease is the common disease veterinarians often see today, caused by tartar and plaque accumulation from your pet's teeth. Plaque contains a large number of bacteria, these bacteria can infect the gums and root causing dental disease, oral bacteria not only affect the oral cavity, but also can go into the bloodstream through blood vessels near the teeth and gums. Recent studies have shown that certain heart and kidney disease are associated with these bacteria.

Care for the pet's teeth
The first step is to promote oral health
Contact your veterinarian do a thorough oral examination, your pet may need scaling, like people, need professional attention. When scaling do need to give your pet anesthesia, anesthesia can reduce the risks associated, if you have any concerns with anesthesia, please discuss with your veterinarian.

The second is home Care
Removal of tartar, toothbrush is a very effective method. When most veterinarians introduce oral hygiene often include brushing your pet. Soft toothbrush and shape need to fit the pet's mouth and teeth, which are very important. There is a smell of pet toothpaste can be absorbed, and do not rinse. Do not employing toothpaste and sodium bicarbonate, these substances often contain the ingredients dog can be unbearable.
If you cannot give it teeth, veterinarians will introduce an antibacterial cleaning agents or cleaning paste to your pet. It is made specifically for pets. Daily use can slowly remove the buildup on the teeth.

The third step diet
Diet is caused by plaque and calculus of the main factors. Soft or sticky substances can form plaque, causing disease around the teeth. Dry diet and biscuits, and a newly developed foods can help eliminate plaque on the teeth. In addition, the dog chews also be used for cats and dogs. You do not brush pet teeth, can make dog bite some of the dog chews, is a good way. However, only toothbrush can remove dental plaque and the residual food. Plaque can cause propagation of bacteria leading to inflammation and infection.

The fourth step home care instructions
It is very simple to brush your pet. It does not spend much time. First, in your leisure time, in the first few days, as usual, when you hold it, simply brush the teeth. Use your fingers gently stroke its cheek for a minute or two minutes, you can give it as appropriate in order to protect and praise. Rubbed a little animal toothpaste on your finger, allow pets to taste, a few days later, it will be able to adapt to this way. Your pet like toothpaste, then consider how to treat it, and then guide your pet with a toothbrush or hand brush, foam a little toothpaste on the toothbrush, gently lift the upper lip, along with a toothbrush teeth slowly in a circular motion, gently brush your teeth and gums. Increasing the number of daily brushing, but slowly, do not brush distant places, brushing time increased to about 30 seconds, to brush every corner. After brushing to give your pet some of the praise and reward, if you have any questions on pet brushing, you can go to contact your veterinarian.

Have enough patience, slowly, gently, to give it a lot of petting and praise. Soon, you and your pet will expect to be able to spend some time on this important health care process.

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