How to do care for Ruby Jewels

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The glorifying, awe-struck red ruby is a representation of enduring love. So, if you are planning to buy the gemstone of pure and endless love, then it is required to keep it shiny and lustrous for forever, in reverence to your love. This article will help you in finding how to take care for ruby trinkets.

Here are the few tips which ensure you that your fine jewelry persists to keep gleaming over the years.

Wearing Rubies:

While wearing ruby trinkets, always consider that exposure to chemicals, though chemicals generally don’t tarnish or ruin the rubies, but it may affect over the time. Try to avoid it wearing while doing jagged work like washing, gardening etc. I know, no one is such an insane who would wear such a costly stone while doing all this job, but in case, your unique engagement ring encompass of ruby in it, and if you wish to wear it all the time, then avoid doing all the work mentioned above. Other thing to ponder is, if you are wearing it with diamond or other gemstone, make sure it is not coiffure against your ruby jewelry incessantly, or else it would leave scratches on your beautiful ruby.

Cleaning Rubies:

Rubies are not exaggerated by commercial solvents, so you can use it for cleaning the ruby jewelry efficiently. A soft brush dished in warm water is adequate to clean ruby jewels, which is fixate in an obscure design. The quills of the brush will eradicate the dirt stuck in the tiny fissures of the setting. And in case, any dirt left, you can clean it with using toothpick. Some people also use toothpaste to clean the stone, stop using it! Because the granularity of toothpaste, may cause scrapes to any gemstone jewelry.

You can use balmy hot soapy water to give a shine and glimpse to your ruby jewelry. Another thing which you should keep in mind is, after cleaning not put the stone directly in the box; clean it with soft cotton cloth in order to remove the oil, dirt and sweat that have been relocated to it. Avoid using harsh elements, as it may spoil the mountings or settings of your ruby.

Storing Rubies:

Storing the rubies in a right way will definitely help in making them enduring and in better condition. If you keep them in the unmannered, then cuts, loosening of the stones and scratches are the frequent problems you ought to deal with. To avoid all these things, keep your ruby jewelry in a cloth bag before putting it into your jewelry box. Do not pile up your jewels on one other, as it may spoil it by blotting scratches.
Guidelines for keeping the ruby clean

• Wash the rubies in a bowl. So that, lest there is any slack stone, there is no risk of it draining or rolling away in the sink.

• Boil half a tablespoon of tea leaves and allow it to cool down, soak your rubies in this mixture overnight, and in the morning wipe clean it with a soft fabric to make your ruby jewelry magnificent once again.

• Make sure your rubies do not come in contact with harsh chemicals, perfumes, cleaners or other sprays.

Rubies, if faultless and flawless, are more precious than diamonds. The extremely beautiful rubies if kept with proper care then can be passed down to generations to turn out to be a family heirloom.

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