How to correctly clean fruits and vegetables

By: Hayden

Do you know where are potatoes, oranges and tomatoes you buy grown? Unless your fruits and vegetables are organic, or they are grown in the areas covered by the pesticides and herbicides. Although pesticide composition residues on fruits and vegetables is considered to be in the human range of safety standards, do you really want to make your food these excess chemicals?
Once in the harvest season of fruits and vegetables, they will be dealt with countless hands in the fields and orchards, and then put in the warehouse, and finally at the grocery store. Like Listeria, Salmonella, Escherichia coli and other bacterias that may be lurking in fruits and vegetables, whether they are organically grown or conventionally grown. These bacteria can lead to food borne illness, which requires to be rinsed.
In the diet, you need to eat some fresh fruit and vegetables, rather than insects, chemicals and bacteria along with fruits and vegetables. Therefore, before you eat fruits and vegetables, be sure to clean fruits and vegetables. So, how to wash fruits and vegetables?
1 First, you must ensure that kitchen countertops, refrigerator, cooking utensils and cutlery are cleaned.
2 Remember to wash your hands before cooking and processing of fruits and vegetables.
3 Seperate from fresh fruits and vegetables and under cooked meat, to avoid cross-contamination.
4 When you go shopping, please choose look healthy, ripe fruits and vegetables. Avoid choose foods that are bruised, moldy or mushy.
5 Wait washing time until you eat fruits and vegetables. Because vegetables and fruits contain natural epidermis, this layer of epidermis can keep the water within fruits and vegetables not lose, cleaning in advance will accelerate the degree of their deterioration.
6 Wash clean each part of fruits and vegetables you eat, even if the part you do not eat. For example, bacteria may be hiding in any one of the orange peel or cucumber epidermis. Although you may will peel and discharge into the trash, but these bacteria will transfer from fruits and vegetables to the tool, and then the part you eat.
7 Gently rub fruits and vegetables under running water, do not use any soap, detergent, bleach or other toxic chemical cleaners, because residues of these chemicals will stay in your food.
8 Use commercial sprays and washing liquid to clean vegetables, are no better than you thoroughly clean them with ordinary water, so do not waste your money to buy them.
9 Hard fruits and vegetables, such as apples and potatoes, use vegetables brush to clean, then rinse with water to remove dirt and residues.
10 remove and discard the outer leaves of lettuce and cabbage head, and thoroughly rinse the remaining leaves.
11 Thoroughly wash berries and other small fruits, and pick up to drain in a colander.
Tips: Cleaning all pre-packaged vegetables and fruits, even if on the label said they are pre-washed. Keep in mind that the selection of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store may seem clean, but in fact you cannot see bacteria or chemical composition. Whether you eat or entertain your guests, or for the family to eat, should first rinse fruits and vegetables. This is particularly important for people who raw eat vegetables and food.

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