How to choose a Bankruptcy Attorney?

By: Anthony Russell

It is very important to find an experienced and vetted bankruptcy attorney who has the knowledge, as well as the experience to make a substantial difference, as far as your financial situation and debt problems are concerned. One should ideally look for an attorney who provides personalized services – so if you are prevented from meeting the main person, and are forced to confer with the associates, or assistants, it is very likely that the personal help your desire might just not be available for you.

Specialized help is required and essential for moving forward from tough financial hurdles. The fact is majority of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases do not end up with actual battles involving prolonged litigations in the U.S. That is what the statistics indicate. But a legal presence is very much required, a representative who can arbitrate on behalf of the debtor in the court. So the attorney should have some experience in actual proceedings and court related work. If required, the attorney should be able to put up a decent fight in the court. So it is important to seek assurance and avail independent recommendations, as well as evaluations of the attorney who is going to represent you.

From the fees point of view, one should have a clear talk and work out the exact procedure involved in payment of legal fees, likely to be charged by your bankruptcy lawyer. Some attorneys entertain bargains, but it is advisable to thoroughly check out the lawyer’s background before thinking about this particular option. Some attorneys do not like to bargain, and often think clients who bargain are likely to face financial difficulties in paying their fees in the future, and so they might not take up your case. For the rest, bargaining is a practical exercise that every businessperson undertakes to avail a cost effective situation. So it depends upon case to case.

A very low fee structure generally indicates either deficiency of services, or poor reputation – both which should be avoided at all costs. And a bloated fee structure might indicate proficiency, but the main question remains – are the fees affordable? Would it be possible to save something after the litigations, and after paying huge fees to the attorney? There are many issues and factors to consider. Generally, the debtor should look out for a bankruptcy attorney who has acceptable confidentiality ratings, and should not hesitate to check out various lawyers before reaching to a particular decision. And the nature of your debt and bankruptcy option decides a lot in determining your bankruptcy lawyer.

Certain attorneys are specialized in a particular field of work. So if your case demands, you might be forced to hire the particular lawyer to represent you, and pay the designated fees. Sometimes, the matter is not that serious in which case any bankruptcy lawyer might do. It is worth taking a look at the state's Attorney General's office and find reliable candidate firms doing business in your area. The final option is to contact reputed bankruptcy firms outside your jurisdiction and ask for recommendations as well as recommended bankruptcy lawyers in your city. This can be a great way to get an insight into attorneys practicing bankruptcy laws.

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