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Blu-ray technology has made a dent in the universe for years. For all the movie lovers they are no longer just satisfied with “watching” movies any more. They would like to enjoy the cinema-like effect just at home with a bottle of Cola, a bag of potato chips or a bucket of popcorn. The standard to choose player software is higher. When you are preparing to by new DVD player software what is the first element you will take into consideration?
What you hate most when you are watching a movie with DVD player software? There’s no doubt that if the playback gets stuck will annoyed you most. A top media player for your windows is definitely a player which could playback video files with high fluency.
Why Blu-ray discs have become a popular trend at present? The answer is obvious. Blu-ray Disc are able to hold 1080p HD content and most movies released on Blu-ray Disc produce a full 1080p HD picture when the player is connected to a 1080p HDTV via an HDMI cable. 1080P HD content can give you a high-definition enjoyment which will offer visual excellence uttermostly. Now let us take audio experience into consideration. A good windows7 media player can also support the most advanced audio technology. DTS-HD Master Audio has steadily become the standard for Blu-ray lossless audio format. However DTS-HD Master Audio seems to be an optional audio format for Blu-ray Disc exlusively.
Simple practicality
Most of the young adults don’t like intricate stuff. They want to conquer what they have immediately. So an easy-to-handle player software is a must. Life is tough, right. Let us just make it easy and simple.


As a man with character, you definitely want to own player software that can speak without sound “I am yours”. At this very moment, you want personal settings. A media player that can allow you to create your own mark is essential.
The after-sale service
Choose to buy a product which has a good after-sale service you can avoid many unnecessary troubles when you find that there exists problems with the DVD player software. A good after-sale service is always the way to earn customers’ trust and brings the returned customers.
Price is the last but not the last element you should consider. The price of Windows media is different, so you should think of the cost performance when you make your final decision. Actually, the most expensive DVD player software is not always the best one. It is up to you!
The design of the DVD player software
Maybe this is the least thing you will consider, but the interface is also important. Imaging that if a player software with a bad user experience, how can you feel that you won't regret your choice? We think a lot of aesthetics, it is only because that we pursue to a better life and a better experience.
This is some tips about how to choose a DVD player software and I think everyone has their own decision.
You own an all-in-one media player which can play DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and Blu-ray Disc, it increased your excite but you still can discover more from this DVD player software. Easy DVD Player can satisfy you more on playing high-quality movies, especially for Blu-ray Disc Playback.
●Region free to play Blu-ray Discs
Blu-ray Disk has High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection since it is produced. So far, we know that there exist 3 different kinds of HDCP: AACS BD+ and ROM Mark. Easy DVD Player can play all the Blu-ray Discs regardless of the region protection.
This design can help to leave the most moving moment and store it forever. The shortcut key is Alt+Ctrl+S. To snapshot can not only help you to remember but help you to share and post to your other blogs.
If you don’t deny that you are a social worm and your life can hardly go on without the interaction with your friend, this function is definitely what you want in your digital life. Click the share button and you will let your voice heard to your friends. Let them know what you are watching and by the way add your comments to the video.
●Video adjust
Click "Windows" button and select "Adjustments", you can adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma and hue in video tuner to change the video effect. It also provides you to reset the settings, click "Reset" button. Want to keep the settings? You can check the "Always apply the settings" on the left bottom.
●Screen size change
If you want to change the size of the playback Windows just adjust screen size by shortcutting keys or through the options in "Video" on the tool menu.
●Aspect Ratio settings
Find the “Aspect Ratio” choice from “Video” on the tool menu of this DVD player software. You can scale your video to a specific size mode using this function.

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