How to Write a Winning Article

By: Mark Gubuan

The secret to article marketing is really to just write consistently. Want traffic like L.A. rush hour? Pay other's to write your articles. Read this whole article because in the promotion step I'm going to tell you how to dominate the competion for any keyword. This is because online marketing requires you to be everywhere all the time. But the following steps are critical to writing a winning article.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is like preparing for war, get this right and you'll win every time. If you have money, I recommend using the paid version of WordTracker. Almost all of the top earners in online marketing prefer this service as it gives USABLE metrics that tell you how well a keyword will perform. Don't have money? Do this instead.

1) Use the Google Keyword tool to determine how often a word is searched on. (1,000 searches per month min)

2) Type your keywords into Google and find out how many websites come up (100,000 or less)

When it comes to keyword selection, you may not be able to compete with some of them at first, but don't be discouraged. You can still compete if you learn the proper strategy. I have a strategy below that I'll reveal that will absolutely help you dominate for any keyword.

Brainstorm Article Topics

The secret key to success here is to provide USEFUL information that they can IMPLEMENT TODAY. The last thing you want is a reputation on the internet that you articles are useless.

The Google Wonder Wheel is a super helpful tool that'll help you brainstorm. Seriously, this tool practically picks a topic FOR YOU and creates different sub topics that you can use if you get stuck.

The easiest way to brainstorm is to pick your favorite blog, find a post that you like and put your spin on the information. Don't plagiarize, put take the information and give an opinion.

Write The Article

Don't worry about being perfect from the beginning. Do you think William Shakespere wrote Romeo and Juliet in one pass? He probably re-wrote a lot until it became a masterpiece.

Some ideas will flow like a roaring river, other ideas will trickle out like a leaky faucet. Just keep writing and revise where necessary. This step is the place where most people thing that article marketing doesn't work because they don't write enough articles.

Promote Your Article

The thing is that most people write an article and leave it by itself out in the sea of the internet. And with millions and millions of articles on the internet, people wonder why they get no response. Here's what you need to do.

1) Bookmark your article on all of the social media sites

2) Submit your article to hundreds of article directories

3) Create a video promoting your article and submit it to every video hosting service

Do you want to see this promotion strategy in motion? Go to my bio and find the link to get to the secrets.

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Congratulations on wanting to dominate article marketing like never before. Check out this article marketing strategy in motion, you'll start generating 23 - 34 leads per day in no time at all.

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