How to White Your Skin?

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It is not hard to white your skin,and you do no need do maintenance in accordance with the standard formula from experts.As long as you hold the key points of skin white and focus them on, a little change can make you become beautiful naturally.As long as you did the following nine skin care summarizes, a subtle effect of changing can be seen!

1 Beautiful face starting from the right cleaning way
According to the survey, 70 percent of women are not choosing the right products for their cleansing, and there are different degrees of misunderstandings in wash methods. Adjust your cleaning method, otherwise an error care will do against skin everyday. If that whatever you rub will not has any effective.

2 Don't drink tea after a meal
Iron is an important element to look rosy.As the tonic,there is something to learn about drinks after dinner. Vitamin C can promote iron absorption, such as oranges, grapefruit juice and citrus are the best.Coffee and tea are easily oxidizedor, which will make a collapse of the intake of nutrients.So, do not drink tea after dinner, and your face will be rosy and moving!

#3 Laugh can automatically adjust the endocrine to white skin
Placing every day and pulling a long face will causes the skin cells lacking of nutrition, dry, wrinkles, and also deepening the lines on face."Smiles make yonger.Emotional stability is very important for the endocrine balance.A woman with moderate tolerance is beautiful,and this is not just a psychological impression.
4 Effective sleep makes your skin more white
You may scoff - is sleep also useful?But ignoring the night maintenance could easily make your skin age = actual age x1.2.This is why the cosmetics industry launch an unprecedented "time-maintenance, late-night beauty" concept. Effective sleep makes you maintenance more time than others, a full day, 8 hours!
5 Choose the suitable cosmetics
Little girl are eager to have beauty, and often take their as his face as the "experimental field" to test skin care products or cosmetics.Acne, redness, brown color then came as a result.Only choice reasonable cosmetics and avoiding cosmetics and face injuries, we will not dig a trap for ourselves.

6 The most important thing-sunscreen
Just to tell the important of sunscreen with a data - the latest survey data show that women who wipe sunscreen every day in America and Europe in 50 years old, will look 13 years younger than the actual old- that is,they look only 37 years old.So join the ranks of the sunscreen together.

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