How to Weld Aluminum without Much Hassle

By: Michelle Macdroff

Welding can be an enjoyable and unique experience in its own. With the latest advancements in technology one would not have to put much effort in order to perform such functions. However, most of the people do not realize that welding is not that much difficult as it used to be in the past days. Technological advancements have made it a much easier and simpler task. If one wants to do some welding oneself then one would not have any problem in this regard. Still, he or she should have a clear idea about the process of welding in order to avoid any damages. The following points should guide a person in the process of welding aluminum and answer their questions regarding “how to weld aluminum”:

Have all the necessary equipment:
A person should have all the required equipments and materials before starting such a process. Before anything else, one should have a good TIG welding machine. There is new technology products present in the market and TIG is one of them. Other than that, one should have a clear idea about the handling of the aluminum TIG welder because it is the main part of the whole process. A person should also have gloves and other protective gears. Welding is a process related to fire and accidents could take place whenever carelessness is carried out. An aluminum filler rod is another necessary tool without which, one cannot perform the task of welding. Argon gas is also a necessity and a person should buy it from a verified seller in order to get authentic product.

Do the preparation first:
A person should do all the preparation before starting the typical process of welding. One should work in a cool environment along with a fire extinguisher. Other than that, the person should clean the aluminum rod thoroughly to clear away aluminum oxide that forms on the upper layer of any piece that is made of aluminum. The filler rod also requires a good amount of cleaning. Clamping of the two pieces should be done as tight as possible because any gaps present in the weld could ruin the entire process and diminish its strength.

Before starting the welding process, one should practice the motion with the protective gear and torch. This way, one would not do any kind of mistakes during the process. The distance of the torch should be near to 0.25 inches. Distance smaller or lower than that would ruin the entire process.

Perform the welding process:
After doing all the preparations and gathering the necessary equipment, one can start the process of welding. The amperage should be around 1 amp per 0.001 inch in most of the cases. It is the most adequate amperage for a person to work with. One would start the process with positioning every material. Then one would start the torch and create a puddle. After creating the puddle one would have to push to complete the process of welding. It is similar to solder aluminum yet there is some difference.

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