How to Wash the Underwear Properly?

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Generally, the washing powder / laundry detergent should not directly on the soiled underwear: detergent / bleaching agent used in conjunction with fluorescence will lead to uneven color, fade or change color and so on. The lotion should be first dissolved in water, and then put underwear income. In addition, the use of bleach can make underwear mold and color quality changes, so using the bleach should be avoided.

Washing silk underwear
1.#Use the shortest possible time to wash: if you use the washing machine, 3 minutes is enough. Washing for long time will easily lead underwear to discoloration or staining.
2.#Silk underwear washing method: silk clothing, although soft and glossy, but easy to fold, shrinkage and damage by the sun. It is appropriate to use neutral detergent and your hand to wash. Then dry it with a towel.
3.#Dark and white or light-colored underwear should wash separately: when using washing machine, you must separate the white and light-colored underwear. When using your hand to deep clean, you should wash the white first, then light colored, then deep colored and the last could be black ones. You also should wash the cleaner underwear first, then the dirtier ones.
4.#The zipper will need to be linked together. The body corset with zipper in the cleaning must first link the zip. Events like chest strap (can be used as a strapless bust) should be washed separately.
5.#Soft loop and zipper underwear should be washed by hand. If you use excessive force when you washing underwear by hand, you will easy to make clothing and deformation. It is best to use "pressure washing method" and "scrub Law” to wash underwear.
6.#At least, use two separate laundry nets. The aim of this operation is to separate the cloth will ring or metal with the cloth without, in order to avoid damage to other clothing. In case of deformation of the soft ring, use carefully hand-rubbing to get it back to the original shape, do not change too fast to not force it back, and the point is to gradually restore the original shape.
7.#Machine wash (clothes) 30 seconds: underwear on the net in the original laundry drying (dehydration) and then on a dry towel. Use your hand to squeeze so that the water could be absorbed by a towel. If you use your both hand to twilit the underwear, its texture will be damaged.

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