How to Use a Forex Trading System for Locking in Profits

By: Mark Solomon

A forex trading system allows traders to let winning trades become more profitable, and cut losses of unprofitable trades. Setting up a forex trading system involves deciding on a trading strategy, then configuring the forex trading software to match the forex trading system. Currency trading systems, or forex trading systems offer automatic sell stops, profit sell points, instant position entry points, and quick order production for exiting a position. Forex trading requires basically 3 steps - choose currency pairs such as USD/YEN, then choose leverage to use from 1:1 up to 1:100 (danger!) and finally pick an entry point to sell one currency for another. In this case that would be USD for YEN. Making these decisions, however, is best left to software and computer trading systems as explained here.
Forex trading software configuration and use depends on five (5) key steps.
1. Make a careful list of each thought process leading to decisions for the trade. For example: Select entry points for trade based on a limit reached.
2. Record the steps for the currency trading method in small transaction steps including analysis, identifying trends, choosing currency pairs, choosing leverage for each transaction, and choosing the entry and exit points.
3. Make a chart or graph with executions of each step in the forex trading system, or currency trading software. Do not be surprised with repeated executions or steps of analysis for each point of entry and exit or raising or lowering limits, along with shifting stops. Forex trading is an analytic endeavor. The analysis and execution of each trade must be instant but often requires a trial and error approach for achieving profitability in decision making within the software.
4. With a table of steps defining the method for forex trading, the actual encoding of these steps is straight forward. Most currency trading screens have a trade entry screen with drop down menus for each currency. Then there is the leverage screen or this may be set when the forex trading account is opened. The real challenge comes with automating the analysis for when to enter and exit positions. One of the simpler, but still effective method is limit setting. When a currency pair moves beyond a certain limit as shown on the currency trading screen, have an alarm triggered or a trade triggered. While this is an old and simple method for trade automation, it can be effective for trend traders or reversal traders.
5. Chart the fundamentals of the forex trading system, then setting all of the options on the software for the specific fx trading platform, puts the system in baby mode. It can waddle, but do not let it run. Test, test, test, and test some more. First test with virtual trading. Then test with small amounts until at least 10 trades have passed without destroying the trading account. This method will catch the first run mistakes that are common to beginning forex trading systems.

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