How to Use Sand Paper

By: Robert Thomson

How do I use sand paper is a question that I'm sure many of you would like to know but are to afraid to ask. Sand paper is useful for a lot of jobs it can polish and shape almost anything so First of you take the sand paper and make sure you have the right grit then look on the other side of the sand paper and check to see if there is an arrow. If there is an arrow that's the way you should put pressure on when you are sanding. So put pressure going forward then as you bring the paper back let go of a bit of pressure then do the same movement again and again. Do that until you are nearing completion then you change to a higher grit and start over again. Remember the lower the grit the rougher the grip.

1.Remember to check if you have an arrow so you can tell which way to go.

2.Be patient

3.Have fun!

What is grit?

Grit is telling you the number of sand grits per inch of sandpaper. The lower the grit the rougher the sandpaper and the higher the grit the smoother it is. So if I have 600grit sandpaper that would be smooth because there are more grits in one area and it's the space in between the grits that make it rough.

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