How to Use MySpace For Business

By: Jeffrey A Solochek

If you visit MySpace and do some browsing then the question will almost answer itself. Basically, you need to create a profile and then invite others to be your friends. This can be a because after you have invited 40 you will be required to enter in a CAPTCHA to keep on going. There are several marketing guides out there that tell you of ways to accelerate this.

The reason you want to enlarge your network of friends is because then you will be able to post bulletins that all the people in your network will see. Besides bulletins you can send private messages or just put comments up on your main page. A good profile page is also very important because this is like the About me page on Ebay. You can tell a little bit about yourself and embed links to other sites or even post links to places where you are an affiliate of. MySpace with 300 million users can be a great place to focus your marketing to certain niche groups.

You can have videos on your MySpace page and also post these videos to places like YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo video. My son has a large network on one of his accounts and he is an affiliate for one program where he gets paid every time a person goes to the site from one of his pages. In a test he made $30 in only ten minutes time. Just think what you could make in an entire day with marketing like this.

There is a site called FriendStorm that helps you to increase your number of friends a lot faster than just using the MySpace tools plus there are several bots out there that are designed to speed up everything for you. A lot of these Bots now are getting much faster than they used to run with programs like BadderAdder. I tried one a few days ago which was like a turbo charged version of BadderAdder called Buddypromoter. Besides just a friend adder it had a lot of other useful features.

I know of a few marketers who use the site MySpace very well. They have large networks of friends and they say they are making good income from MySpace. Another unusual tool on MySpace is called a Whore Train. Back when I grew up a Whore was not a person you would bring home to meet your parents but on MySpace it is a good tool. It allows you to create a network of friends by having other users invite others to add you to their network.

I see a lot of banners for other companies all over the site MySpace. I use Hostgator for all my personal web hosting needs and I now see their banners all over the place now. MySpace also has forums and groups where you are able to more freely interact with other MySpacer's. Now you would think that on a site like this somebody could create a post on your account that you do not like you can just delete it. If a post is blatant SPAM they even allow you to alert the moderators to this..

My article is only meant to give you a brief on marketing on the site MySpace. I said earlier that there are many publications out there that will completely expand on what I have said here. One site that I know of is MySpaceJobKiller which has a site with the same name. This book will reveal a lot of shortcuts getting you to the point of making more money a lot faster than just doing everything by experimentation.

Basically what it all comes down to is MySpace has so many different groups so if your niche was lets say Rose Gardening you could find several groups pertaining to either roses or even just gardening. You could even market adult products on this site as I have seen several groups that are questionable. Groups like Bad Girls or Naughty Girls. And the same with the other Gender. I have had several escorts approaching me on MySpace including Strippers and a few other services which I will need to learn about first.

If all you want a MySpace profile for is marketing then I have found that the profiles of good looking young ladies with pictures have a lot of friends. If you can find a bot that will create profiles like this for you then you've got it made. I've heard that some bots even have whats called a profile grabber that will find some pretty good background images for your MySpace profile. MySpace is not just a site to network and make friends.

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Jeffrey has over 2 decades experience in the business world. When he writes he blends his unique wit and humour into every article which if you rread his blog you can see all of his many works.

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