How to Treat Different Skin Conditions Starts with the Right Ingredients in the Product

By: Carla Spencer

Presently there are so many different kinds of skincare treatments for different skin conditions out on the market that it is hard to assess which one is right for you. First above all else we recommend you look at the ingredients in the skin product and then to use your skin type to decide which product would be best to treat your skin condition.

Our Recommendations for an Effective Dry Skin Product

When looking to treat dry skin look for skin products which have alpha hydroxyl acids as these perform two different functions efficiently. Acting as humectants they pull in moisture from the atmosphere onto the surface of the skin and they cause exfoliation of the superficial skin layers. However if you have tried these products and know you are allergic to these acids or are bothered by irritation from them, both glycerin and lanolin would be good substitutes to search for in your next skincare product since they have proven to be better fit more for sensitive skin.

Our Recommendations for an Effective Oily Skin Product

Skin conditions suffering from excessive oils benefit from a moisturizer that is alcohol free. Alcohol over dries the skin to a level that would only make the condition worse since it removes essential oils needed to maintain a healthy complexion. An effective cleanser will take away excessive oils without taking away all of them since that eliminates the natural protective barrier that keeps in moisture inside the skin to keep it healthy looking and soft. To assist in controlling skin blemishes and shine seek out oily skin products that contain powerful hydrating effects such as tea tree oil and grape seed oil.

How to Determine the Right Acne and Acne Scar Product

When dealing with acne and acne scars, best to avoid products that consist of bleaching agents or acids that are used for toning the skin's surface but many times simply irritate and inflame what is already a sensitive skin condition.

The ingredient of Rosehip Oil benefits acne and acne scars as its contains the needed Vitamin C and restorative healing properties necessary in order to effectively diminish discoloration from both acne and their related scars. It has been shown in recent studies to regenerate skin cells, be effective for age spots removal, and diminish scarring. Combined with Helix Apersa Muller, or snail serum, a skin care cream utilizing these ingredients would make a particularly potent defense in the battle to treat acne and acne related scars.

The Ingredients to Look for In Stretch Mark Products

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As for acne and acne scars, an effective stretch mark treatment employs ingredients that naturally regenerate skin cells. The snail secretion Helix Aspersa Muller combined with all natural ingredients is effective as a skin care product to decrease the appearance of the stretch mark by prohibiting the release of the biological irritants involved in their initial development.

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